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Best Gilt Funds To Invest In India 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

Best Gilt Funds in 2013

The year 2011 witnessed the huge debt crisis of Europe and sever job cuts in the United States which has influenced almost every other part of the world and led to a downtrodden stock market. Recently, the dollar gained value above all other currencies and countries including India are having hard time fighting it down.

Investor’s search for the best investments in 2013

In developing countries like India, the growth will still remain positive whereas the developed countries could experience a negative growth rate. This article compiles the list of best Gilt funds to invest in India in 2013. Private players are still unreliable in Indian market as the global recession would hit them in other countries and cause loss to creep into Indian markets as well.

Gilt funds (Government Securities) and Bond funds are good options that promise high return in 2013

In this market scenario, Gilt funds (Government Securities) are fore-casted to be the best investment opportunities in 2013. As they have base in Government sector, it’s worth the money. ‘Reliability’ is the #1 factor of Gilt funds. For those who want ‘maximum roi with minimum risk’ , Gilt funds is the answer. They could provide consistent income for the up coming few months.

Best Gilt Funds in 2013

Scheme Name
Retrun (12 months)
Baroda Pioneer Gilt Fund
IDFC Government Securities Growth
Birla Sunlife Gilt Plus PAF Plan-Growth
HSBC Gilt Fund - Growth
UTI Gilt Advantage Fund - Long Term Plan - Growth
Best Gilt Funds To Invest in India 2013

Why Should You Invest In Gild Funds?

RBI will start reducing the interest rates soon

5-6 years before the the interest rates of banks in India were 6-7 %. RBI have increased the interest rates for fixed deposits over 13 times in the last few years and now it has reached up to 10%. As the commerical growth is too low in India now, this would come to a halt. RBI would soon start reducing the interest rates.

Still how would I benefit from Gilt funds ? When the rush for other investment reduces people will start searching for other secure investment options. Eventually, the demand for Gilt funds and Income bonds will increase. If we consider previous experience, these funds have chances of providing excellent returns in medium-term.


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