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Best New Green Companies To Invest In 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

Invest In Top Green Companies 2013

Investing in one of these Green Companies in 2013 is an invaluable asset for the coming years. Green Companies are the promise of tomorrow. A wise entrepreneur with foresight can imagine how companies will be by the year 2016. If you are looking for stocks to buy long term then Investing is Green Company Stocks is one of the best options today. There are lot of emerging companies in this sector. The goal of a green business is to keep its environmental footprint small, reducing waste and reusing materials as much as possible.Green Companies are found in many industries like automobile manufacture, airline manufactures, metal manufacture etcetra. Parallel to their present product manufacturing they work on technologies to reduce their carbon emission and produce environment friendly products in the comping year.One important fact about investing in such companies are that : they will have a very healthy and stable portfolio . Only companies that desire to go beyond the normal excellence opt for the Green business in their corporation. There growth can be interpolated as a steep raising diagonal graph.

How To Invest In Green Comapanies

You can invest in green energy online brokerages, index funds, stocks at brick-and-mortar brokerages or ETFs. The fee for investing online depends on the number of transactions you carry out within a specific time duration. It's saves you some amount of handling charges if you can track down the stocks invested in by the mutual fund and doing the investment by yourself.

Best Green Company Stocks To Invest In 2013

These are the best green companies that have attained substantial foreseeable growth in the recent years. Most of them are from the U.S. itself.The list includes both old and new green companies to invest in. Do research on them even deeper before you invest.

Applied Material

Is one of the most important companies from Silicon Valley that won over Japanese companies in manufacturing semiconductors. They have a $10 billion in revenue each year. More than 75% of their revenue comes from abroad. They are also in debut of manufacturing solar cells and other green technologies.

American Standard

American Standard Energy Corp. (ASEC), focus of exploring, extracting and selling oil, gas and natural resources for energy. They were formerly Famous Uncle Al's Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. is an oil exploration and production company. Their business is primarily focused on North Dakota and Texas. American Standard Energy Corp is a widely expanding green company that has good growth potential in the coming years.


Vestas is the world leader in wind technology. As of Jan 2011, they have 44,495 wind turbines installed and working around the world. With the world moving rapidly towards environmental solutions 'Vestas' has a very good chance of out performing others. The company have over 30 years of experience and is well trusted by the investors.

Winslow Green Growth Solutions

Winslow is a portfolio management company with the unique philosophy of investing in Green solutions. With 25 years of experience their portfolio management reports are really rewarding and is sure to shoot up in future. They have exclusive mutual funds that invest in the best green company stocks.

First Solar

First Solar is a world leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, and a premier provider of comprehensive PV solar systems. By enabling clean, renewable electricity at competitive prices, First Solar provides an economically and environmentally viable alternative to peaking fossil-fuel electricity generation.First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) is changing the way the world is powered by creating truly sustainable solar energy solutions.

Calera (Private)

Calera is a silicon valley start-up found in 2007. They pioneer in the technology that converts C02 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions from power plants and vehicles in to another substance called calcium carbonate cementitious, which is very useful for building construction works. They've received several in the context of clean energy. Currently, Calera Corporation is a privately owned company backed by Khosla Ventures.

More Green Companies To Invest In

  • WFI Industries
  • Tesla Motors
  • Zip Car


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