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Best Penny Stocks to Watch 2015

Updated on February 16, 2015
Wall Street
Wall Street

Top Penny Shares to Own

First of all, get a clear picture of what are the most promising penny stocks to trade. There are several definitions available, so let us look at some of them. The most suitable shares are those which failed to trade on the larger stock market exchanges, where the minimum amount for each share is $4 to $5 per share. Any share below this amount enters the exchange. There is another definition known as small cap stocks. Some traders consider the most ideal penny shares are those which trade in the company until they can qualify for the larger exchange market. But some traders think otherwise, and their idea of the good mirco cap stocks are a total value of all its shares in the capitalization of the company’s market. For example, if a company has 3 million shares and the shares are being sold at $2 each, it reads that the company has a market capitalization of 6 million dollars.

There are names like Forbes and penny stock expert Peter Leeds who have internet websites, books and companies and they conduct research of the companies, keeping the investors, or would-be investors up-to-date with stocks to keep on your watchlist. You have to become a member of their company in order to access their market research of the best penny stocks. The recommended companies where they are asking you to invest are sometimes unknown, but the recommendations are only where gains of more than 70% are shown. Busineses could go up to as much as 3487%, which may sound unbelievable, but they are on record. So you can see that a tremendous amount of money can be made, but there is a system that could be devised by you to gain it.

Basically great penny shares are based on your judgment which means an extensive research of the market, maybe based on other traders, companies, agents or even newsletters. Go in for a fixed trading policy, you have to establish the standard for yourself. You have to decide your limit and if you set your limit, for instance, at $3, stay with the fixed amount. The shares that you may have bought for $0.50 or for $2.50 will definitely be sold by you the moment they touch $3. That gives you stability and you can device a trading policy for yourself. Each advertiser will present his picture of the greatest low priced stocks according to him, but use your discretion and abide by your decision.


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