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Best Pension Plans In India 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

Considering today price hike and social inconistency, things are not yet over with your children's marriage. A well planned retirement saving will be good friend of you at old age. Long term investments provide maximum from mutual funds and shares. If you have considerable number of years left for retirement, then a regular investment of a small amount of money would fetch a lump sum sum at retirement. This article is aimed at three categories of investors.For those who retired, this article will explain about the top five retirement plans that will fetch you a regular income now. For those who are just going to retire I will explain how to invest for a good return after retirement, and for others who have still a long time to retire I will explain ways to get the best return with small, regular investment.

1.Aviva pension builder
If person 40 years old, invest Rs 60,000 a year for 10 years consecutively he will get 12 lakhs when he is 55 years old.
This a guaranteed profit plan. When the policy period is over, it fetches you exactly double the amount you paid as premium in total. The policy holder can withdraw one third (tax free) of the investment when all the premiums are paid.

2.SUD Life Immediate annuity plan ( immediate pension)
If a person 60 years old buy a policy for 1 lakh rupees he gets a pension of Rs 9538. This plan is for people who already retired and want to start getting pension immediately. Pension income is liable for income tax. There are several yearly pension schemes. Its distinctly classified as two , plans which return the policy amount to the heirs after the death of the pensioner and plans which do not return the policy amount.
If you need the initial policy deposit amount later then you get a only a yearly pension of Rs 7304. In addition to this if you need a yearly 5% increase in your pension your yearly pension would be Rs. 5091 . If you don't need the policy amount but want the 5% increase you get a yearly pension of Rs .6762 .
This is the comparatively the best immediate annuity policy in the current market.

3.Bharathi max monthly income plan
If a 40 year old person deposits Rs. 4193 monthly for 15 years. He will get an income of Rs. 5000 when he is 55 years. This will be provided till he is 70 years old.

4.LIC New Jeevan Suraksha
If a person now 35 starts investing Rs 4140 per year for 20 years . He will get an amount of 1.71 Lakh and final additions when he is 55.

5.Aegon Religare future protect premium plan

This is a suitable plan for those who have more than 15 years for retirement and are capable enough to handle their own fund. This is a unit linked insurance plan. Although, this doesn't come under pension plan it can be used as a tax free pension plan.


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    • pseudo-scripto14 profile image

      pseudo-scripto14 6 years ago from Philippines

      Planning for the future is really a tremendous investment so while you're still earning it's pretty safe to ensure the future, though retired persons can still avail other options that suit their capacity to pay! Planning ahead is better than be sorry afterwards. While you have the time to prepare for any inopportune events then avail one of these viable investments! You will indubitably benefit from it! Informative hub! Keep it up!

    • tonyfischer profile image

      Tony Fischer 6 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

      Retirement planning is so important. At the end of the day the only person you can depend on to have a great retiremnt is yourself. That is why this hub is so important. People need to make solid investment decisions today so they may secure their future.