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Best Share Market Tips in India for 2013

Updated on March 20, 2013


MOIL Ltd. has made a low in November and December 2011 and since then it is making a slow and steady up move.

Investors can accumulate the stock around 250 levels with a stop loss at 230. The stock can rise 300 in 3-6 months and 350 in 1 year time frame.

You must book partial profits at 300 levels and buy more on dips. MOIL is a zero debt company with strong fundamentals.

Dish TV

Dish TV has a strong support around 50. The stock was in a down trend since July 2011 but as soon as it reached the support level of 50, there was a sharp up move.

Investors can buy the stock with a stop loss at 50. The stock looks good for a 12 month period. It can touch its previous highs around 90.

Top Performer Share - Zydus Wellness

After touching a low of 328 in early March 2012 the stock has shown a sharp run up. There is lot of steam left in the stock. One can hold the stock with a stop loss of 350.

If the stock breaks 430 on the upside, it can even reach 600 within 12 months time frame. Investors can buy the stock on dips. The stock is high in momentum so strict stop loss must be maintained.

Long Team Bet - Supreme Industries Limited

This stock has been giving good Dividend. They have a plan to invest more in the next 4-5 years, in expanding their manufacturing capacity. New products to be launched soon. Profit has increased, dividend is good, bonus was given recently, technically also its a good, you can buy on decline. This share can reach 380 levels in 1 year from March 2013. Valuation is attractive right now. After buying keep track of it. Maintain stop loss at 5% of Purchase Prize and ride the rise with trailing stop loss.


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    • jashmiw profile image

      jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai

      Yes Manoj, It's an important factor that influences the share prices of certain stocks in the Indian market.

    • sathimanoj profile image

      Manoj Balakrishnan 5 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      the Indian shre market fluctuation is directly linked wit the Govt policy changes. The

      Indian Budget( is the major driving force of Indian Share Market