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Best Shopping Bags

Updated on December 7, 2012

The Best Shopping Bags

Not long ago we depended on our grocery store provide bags. We shopped carefully, using coupons. We studied ingredients. We calculated portion prices and we searched out generic brands. We rarely considered the impact our bags might have on The Earth. The Earth was a place to discard our used bags.

Today we know that how we carry our supplies is as important as what we purchase. Plastic bags end up in land fills, choking harmless animals and taking hundreds of years to biodegrade. Paper bags require immense quantities of water and chemicals to manufacture. Paper bags also cause many tree to be cut down and processed, all so we can have something to hold our groceries.

Instead of disposable shopping bags, let us consider some of the best reusable shopping bags on the market today. These bags will hold up long after plastic and paper disposable bags have become landfill fodder. Look online for earth-friendly alternatives to throw-away bags.

Green Bee 2pk Reusable Shopping Bags with Pouch

"Reduce, reuse, and recycle" is the call sign of Earth-friendly shoppers. These bags are manufactured from recycled polyester, therefore reducing the amount of petroleum products made from our natural resources. Each bag is decorated with an attractive symmetrical floral arrangement and can be machine-washed. They come in sets of two, so order several sets for everyone in your family who cares about responsible stewardship of our Earth.

Each set of bags comes with a matching carrying pouch at no extra charge. The pouch offers great convenience: simply stuff the two bags into the pouch and tuck the pouch under your car seat or into a kitchen drawer. Nothing could be more convenient.

Each bag has a carrying strap that fits over your shoulder. The nest time you're asked "Paper or plastic?", you can say "Neither, thank you!"

Flip and Tumble 5-Pack Reusable Produce Bags

The produce department in any major grocery store has those little rolls of plastic bags that can be packed with fruits and vegetables. When we purchase bananas or butternut squash, we load up a bag that is essentially worthless, weigh the bag, take the bag home, and throw it away. What a waste! We can do better.

These reusable produce bags eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags in the produce department. They are made from a polyester mesh, which is see-through (don't get the papayas confused with the potatoes!) but still very durable. Stock up on several sets of these bags: they make great gifts for special occasions and you'll never know when you need to stock up on produce.

The mesh construction lets you wash your fruits and vegetables right in the bag. Simply hang it up and allow it to air-dry. In short order, it will be ready for your next trip to the market. Each set of 5 bags comes with 5 free color-coded tags so you won't confuse your corn with your cucumbers.

Waste-Less Bags Variety Pack (Pack of 6)

This adorable set of bags each holds up to 25 pounds and are twice as large as a traditional plastic shopping bag. They are rollable, to fit into very small spaces, and they are polyurethane coated, for a reliable waterproof finish.

They are pretty enough to go along with on vacation trips and beach trips, but they are Earth-friendly enough to take to the grocery store over and over again. They will fit in your purse, so you won't accidentally leave them in the car or in the shopping cart.

A foldable nylon bag will outlast hundreds of plastic and paper bags. Become a friend of the Earth and remain fashionable all at the same time. Every shopper on your gift list will love a set of these bags.

Reusable Grocery Tote Bag Super Saver 12 Pack

This set of fantastic bags comes in 6 different colors. You get two of each color. Each bag has a shoulder strap to make it easy to get from the car to the kitchen. 100% woven polypropylene is washable and reusable: eliminate the excess paper and plastic bags that pileup in your house and just end up in landfills.

The six colors are Latte, Olive, Black, Purple, Hunter Green, and Blue. The green bag has the message "Thank You" printed on the outside and the blue bag is emblazoned with the message "A World of Thanks".

It's an inexpensive and simple way to reduce your impact on the planet. Instead of single-use paper and plastic bags that consume natural resources and have a very short usable life-span, deploy these bags to lower your carbon footprint and put less stress on the environment.

Waste-Less Bags Too Cute Variety Pack (Pack of 4)

Too cute! These shopping bags have an adorable message for everyone shopping all around you. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you are cheering up your local shoppers at the same time.

Each bag holds up to 20 pounds. They are shaped like stylish purses, making them appropriate for trips to other places beside the grocery store. No one will suspect that you are saving the Earth: they'll just think you are on the cutting edge of reusable shopping bags!

Toss a couple in the car for capturing all the odds and ends that accumulate in the trunk and under the seats. You can shop with them and you can organize your life with them. Each bag includes a custom pouch, letting you pack your bags into convenient packages that fit into purse or pocket. The pouches are also printed with the same logos as the bags,

Eco Shopping Bag - Foldable Strawberry, Purple

It's not luggage, but it's closer to high fashion than it might be to a plain old disposable shopping bag. Look no further for a line of reusable bags that some in colors and motifs to match almost any occasion. We've pictured a purple bag that folds into an adorable strawberry carrying pouch, but there are over 5 other styles and colors that will make any foray into the supermarket a fun trip.

They're made of durable polyester, they're inexpensive and they're a lot of fun. Be sure to pick up a set for every shopper on your list!

Save The Earth with Style

Reusable shopping bags have come a long way since basic canvas sacks. Many bags are machine-washable and include attractive designs and messages printed on them. You can drag home a handful of disposable plastic or paper sacks that will only end up in a landfill, or you can jazz up your shopping trips and feel good about yourself at the same time.

A stylish set of reusable bags makes a great gift for all the shoppers on your list. Show the world that gift-giving can be Earth-friendly and fashionable at the same time.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Thank you for your kind words

    • sunbun143 profile image

      sunbun143 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I love your cute recommendations. Buying from here once I get the greenlight to shop this month (after bills paid!). Being machine washable is very important as those other vinyl reusable bags can accumulate bacteria very quickly.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Is the earth saved yet?

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Good call not silly at all! Happy Christmas and New Year Nicomp!

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 7 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      Good ideas. Green thinking.