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Best Student Deals in the UK 2015-2016

Updated on October 8, 2015

I just embarked on my second degree, and it's with the Open University. I'm studying for a Bsc in Computing & IT, so when I saw that you could get certain software more cheaply, I went off in search of these magnificent discounts. Here are a few of the best.

  1. FREE Amazon Prime

That's right, this is absolutely free! For six months you can subscribe to Amazon's infamous Prime service, to include free one-day delivery, free instant movies and free music. All for the grand sum of zero pence. After six months you can continue the service for a reduced fee of £39, so still saving a great deal there.

Sign up here using your university email address here.

2. Free Sky broadband for 9 months(& many other offers)

Students are entitled to specific savings with Sky, including this fantastic deal of free broadband for 9 months. This is obtained via Unidays, a student discounts website, where you can also receive various other special discounts available to students as well, including 5% off Amazon, 10% off Superdrug and 20% off New Look.

For Unidays, visit here.

3. FREE delivery on online orders at Poundland.

Who knew Poundland had a website? Well, I didn't, but they do have. It's filled with the usual items that are found in high street branches. Some awesome Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations, and many other valuable student items such as a cheese grater or pack of scissors, even saucepans and baking trays. And the infamous student diet essential – baked beans. Use the code STUDENTFREEDEL for free delivery, saving £4 (the standard delivery charge).


4. FREE online MS Office with extra storage.

Microsoft offers MS Office 365 for free for students, with an extra allowance of storage space (currently 20GB). They also offer a range of other free software downloads and templates, from Mind Maps, to Excel training and PowerPoint presentation templates.

Check out MS Office here.

5. Free student advantage card.

Similar to NUS, which costs £12 for one year up to £32 for 3 years. The card has its own discounts, but many chains will provide NUS discounts to people with alternative student discount cards, including this one.

Get yours here:

BONUS: Free £5!

Cashback sites are among the best ways of adding a few extra pennies. I've made over £1000 cashback from Quidco. They are not just for students either, but obviously many student essentials such as laptops, stationery and clothes can be purchased from sites linked to cashback websites.

Free £5 by signing up to Quidco for free.


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