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Best Technology Companies To Invest In 2013 | Tech Stocks

Updated on December 25, 2012

The Independent Emergence of Technology Companies

Always, technology has been in the backbone of growth powering all critical sectors like power, telecommunication and transport, now technology itself has undergone rapid growth and had become a self-standing structure over the years. Computers and internet related services has become very critical for corporate enterprises. In this article we examine the hottest tech stocks in the market today and consolidate a list of the best technology stocks to invest now.

Oracle Corp


Oracle provides cutting-edge, end to end hardware and software support for organizations. Orace Corp has over 3,80,000 customers , including 100 of the Fortune 100 companies. They have support centers all around the globe (in 145 countries). All this makes it a good choice to have a mid-term to long-term investment perspective for Oracle.

Intel Corp


Intel was found in 1968 as a semi-conductor manufacturer. The introduced the first microporcessor in 1971. Currently Intel has 82,500 employees and makes innovative components that powers the PC we use everyday. They have good research department that assures that they stay ahead of the the competitors. Intel hones a tremendous balance sheet with over $17 billion dollars in cash and less than $3 billion in debt.

Corning Incorporated

Many of us might not have heard about Corning Inc. They manufacture glasses for most of the technology companies. They are the world leader in speciality glasses and ceramics. They produce the gorilla glasses used in iPhones and other similar smart-phones. With technology powering up, the demand for its components is also sure to go up.

Formula Systems

Formula systems is an Israel based Software and IT company. The reason to include their stock is the excellent P/E ration of 12, huge growth in stock price and they 10% divident pay. It’s sure the sky is clear and Fomula Systems stock would soar even higher.

Apple Inc.


With the launch time of iPad 3, the valuation of Apple Inc is $500 billion. With more iPhones and iPads waiting in the line Apple is no way going down. It’s a good option to invest in a company with such a firm fundamental.

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NVIDIA is a major graphics card and chip maker for PCs , laptops and tablets. They power every device for better performance. Gamers and professional computer users purchase machines with the NVIDIA hardware support. They had a loss $200 million in 2009 which was successfully overcome by a profit of $130 in 2010. The company has got sound financial support, excellent customer base and a prospective future ahead.


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