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Best Winter Coats

Updated on September 15, 2011

If it's not Winter in your neighborhood, it soon will be. Winter coats and jackets provide much-needed warmth and comfort when the snow falls and the wind howls. It's fun to shop online for fashionable outerwear from reputable manufacturers.

Here are some best-selling coats from well known clothiers. The fashion is high, the prices are low, and the time ids right to purchase something to keep yourself warm. Coats make excellent girts as well: they don't have to fit as perfectly as many other types of clothing. Most people fit into a narrow range of coat sizes: it's not difficult to estimate a coat size for everyone on your gift list.

Men's Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket

Perhaps it's a law of physics, but for whatever reason everyone looks cool in a bomber jacket. You could be getting a parking ticket while driving a lemon yellow Volkswagen Beetle and you'd still look like you just stepped off the pages of GQ magazine. Nothing matches the fit and style of black leather and lambs wool. It will keep you warm while telling everyone around you that you're not to be messed with. No one ever got lost in a crowd while wearing a leather bomber jacket.

If anyone on your gift list is in danger of being bullied pr picked on, wrap them in a leather bomber jacket. Even bullies think twice about hassling a nebbish in a leather jacket.

Men's Classic Three-Button Lambskin Leather Blazer

If the bomber jacket isn't quite classy enough for a night on the town, consider a leather blazer. This attractive lambskin coat sports 2 double-besom flap pockets and a supplemental chest pocket. A besom pocket is cut into the garment rather than sewn on. The pocket material is behind the coat: all you can see is the slotted opening, but this fashionable coat also includes a flap that covers the opening. The chest pocket is over the left breast, just above the highest of the three buttons.

Carhartt Men's PVC Rain Coat

Sometimes it's unavoidable: we have to go out in the rain. Simply getting from the front door to the car door may involve a brief sojourn into atmospheric precipitation. This waterproof beauty will keep you dry when Mother Nature wants you otherwise. All seams are electronically welded and the main seams are also sewn. A detachable hood attaches to the coat with Velcro and includes a drawstring for cinching out downpours.

Carhartt has been manufacturing quality outerwear for hard-working people for over 199 years. Their reputation is worldwide, as is their distribution network. Professional men and women who work on job sites or earn their living outdoors depend on Carhartt products to keep them warm, dry, and comfortable.

This attractive and durable product is available in green, orange, and yellow. Sizes in a wide range are available. it's even machine washable, as long as your washing machine has a cold/gentle cycle.

Columbia Whirlibird Parka

Whether you're scaling the foothills of Mt Everest or navigating the paths of Central Park as you walk your pure-bred Great Danes, you'll always be fashionable and comfortable in this parka from Colombia. Colombia has been supplying outdoor adventurers with reliable gear since 1960. Their purpose-built coats and jackets have become immensely popular among high school and college-age folks who rarely venture beyond the Frisbee golf course but still want to leave the impression that they could survive a night in the back country if necessary.

This coat is cool and warm simultaneously because the fleece shell and the outer shell can be worn together or separately. It's actually three different fashion statements in the same stylish package.

Columbia Whirlibird Parks are available in a myriad of colors:Azul, Black, Columbia Navy, Intense Red, Ranger, Charcoal, and Sea Salt.

London Fog Micro Twill All Weather Coat

The London Fog brand epitomizes style and sophisticated in outerwear. Cool people like British secret agents and politicians refuse to venture out into the murky England winter air until clothed in London Fog garments.

This attractive model includes a very warm zip-out lining and a waterproof outer shell. it is sized to be worn over a business suit: order your particular size appropriately. It's not a parka for climbing mountain peaks: it's a business coat for scaling social ladders and moving to the top of the corporate heap. It will shed water and repel bad business decisions.

Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero SL Hooded Down Jacket

You can climb a mountain wrapped in wool, as Sir Edmund Hillary did when he conquered Mt. Everest, but modern mountaineers prefer modern coats. This state-of-the art garment wraps water resistant nylon around light fluffy goose down, for a toasty warm experience even when the wind howls and the temperature plummets.

The seams in this extreme coat are not sewn through. In other words, the threads that join the seams together do not make holes through the fabric. This cuts down on heat loss in extreme conditions. The difference can be dramatic when you're climbing K2 and your life is on the line. If you're going out for Sunday Brunch with the in-laws, it's not as big of a deal. You'll still feel just as extreme.


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      ha ha 5 years ago

      You wrote 'and the time ids right to'

      ha ha learn to spell.

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      warmCoats 6 years ago

      Love winter jackets.

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      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      'Winter Coat Clearance' wrote:

      "When it comes to finding winter jackets I think it's best to spend a tiny bit extra money. This is because you get a higher quality jacket that can keep you warm and remain in style every year."

      Thank you!