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Other advertising network beside google adsense - Google adsense alternatives

Updated on February 21, 2013

Google adsense is the best lucrative advertising network by which Ad publishers can earn money from their blog,articles and website. Google now allows publisher to display advertisement from other advertising network beside Google adsense. So, now you can earn money from 2 or more advertising network from your blog or website.

Now a days many people got banned from google adsense from some reason and many asian people struggling to get approved from google adsense. For them this hub will be useful. In this hub i am going to list all the adsense alternative.

List of Google adsense alternatives

Here are some of google adsense alternatives

# Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is a good alternative of adsense if you want to make a payout within a very short time. You can use bidvertiser along with google adsense ads. The only thing you have to do is to make sure that both doesn't look exactly same. You don't have to wait for getting approved to start earning money. You can start displaying ads instantly. The minimum payout for bidvertiser is 10 Us dollars if you want to receive the money by paypal or 50 US dollars if you want to receive the money by check. The only bad thing about this advertising network is , it won't be able to pay as much as google adsense for each click.

# Chitika: Chitika is another good option which you can use as a google adsense alternatives or you can display chitika ads along with google adsense to earn additional dollars. The minimum payout requirement is only 10 Us dollars for Paypal and 50 US dollars via check. It pays fairly good enough money for each click. The main target user of Chitika is from USA, Canada and UK. Sp, if your blog gets traffic from USA or canada then you should definitely try Chitika.

# Adbrite: Adbrite is very good option for micro niche bloggers. It has the lowest minimum payout of only 5 dollars. It means you can make a payout within a very short time. Adbrite gives you the opportunity to make a bid for the adspace you are providing. You can use adbrite beside displaying google adsense ads.

Text advertising networks

The top listed advertising networks were PPC(Pay per click) advertising networks which need additional place for displaying the advertisement. But do you know, you can earn money from the text of your blog where you won't need any additional space. How? It's By using text advertising network. Below are the 2 top well known text advertising networks:


Info links is a text advertising network which will double underlined hyperlinks the keyword from your blog or site. When a reader will move the mouse pointer near the underline keyword an advertisement box will pop up. Whenever anyone click that advertisement you will receive revenues. The advantages of infolinks is that you won't need any additional space for displaying advertisement. The worst thing is , it doesn't shows relevant advertisement. The minimum payout is 50 dollars. So try infolinks if your blog gets more than 300+ organic views each day.

Video about Infolinks


Kontera is another text advertising networks like infolinks. it works in the same way like infolinks. the disadvantage of this advertising network is the minimum payout is very higher. so only apply if you get good traffic to your blog.

There are plenty of other advertising networks but i think the above top listed networks are good enough. None of them are better than Google adsense but they can be useful for additional income or as an alternative. Don't forget to post your feed back. Cheers!

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Which one is your favorite beside google adsense?

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    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      I didn't know that Hubpage writers could use something besides AdSense and the ad program.

      When I was setting up my account I did not see any way of bypassing AdSense.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Very informative hub. Thanks a bunch!

    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 6 years ago from united kingdom

      very informative: you are right about Asian having trouble getting started in Good Adsense