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Best time to ask for Mortgage Finance

Updated on January 12, 2012

Best time to ask for Mortgage Finance

Personal Finance Management in everyone's life is very important. Every one passes through different phases in lifetime to be involved in different economic activities. Every individual aims toward achieving wealth in life, starting from the 1st day of his/ her work. So, it is very important to manage personal finance in a proper and organized way. With the progress in job/ business individual's credibility generally increases. A very truth of life is that with the increase of income, expenses increase. While income is less in early stage of job, we generally maintain low life style to cope up with income. Similarly with the increase of income, we tend to make our life style better, even better. So, net effect remains almost same. So, when is the time for building asset/ home? For me, best time is early stage of life. If credibility allows, we should opt for Mortgage finance at early stage of life. Generally, real property value increases rapidly over time. So, as the time passes, more finance is required to buy a real property. It is very true that, every stage of life, we are falling short of finance. So, best time to decide for building a real property with Mortgage Finance is at early stage of life. There are some benefits of it. Such as:

1) It definitely plays a vital role for force saving in a passive way by building equity.

2) Allows more time for paying back the loan in comfortable monthly installments.

3) For me, Finance required is much lesser than that of the later time. As the time passes, monthly installment becomes easier with the increase of income.

4) Will ensure better old age.

So, we better think of this early. Good Luck...


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