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Black Friday Cyber Monday oh American Thanksgiving

Updated on July 25, 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Everyone knows that Canada and the United States don't have the same thanksgiving.Thanksgiving for both Canada and the United States, have limitless amounts of food, though. My question is which one is more looked forward to I wonder since they are not the same? I think it would be the American Thanksgiving that is more looked forward to by not only Americans but Canadians as well why? Because of the limitless shopping that it offers, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday of course since the American thanksgiving is so close to close to Christmas.What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday and why is it just in the United States? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more stateside, rather than in Canada because of when their thanksgiving falls. But that doesn't stop the limitless shopping on the Canadian side of the border.

With American thanksgiving being so close to Christmas they usually have three of four days off some even take the entire week off for thanksgiving instead of the regular three that Canada has, that is why in the United States they also have Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The American Malls and stores have sales to get the limitless amounts of American shoppers in the stores so that they can get a jump start on their Christmas shopping. Most American’s have at least four days off right after thanksgiving so that is when they take advantage of the sales and go shopping for their Christmas gifts. Also before the American Thanksgiving most American’s have their Christmas trees up. Why I don’t even know how to answer that question but that is just what they do. Although I have never actually shopped on black Friday I know a lot of people who do, I myself would much rather shop on cyber Monday which I have done only once before.

So my question is what is better, Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I guess it depends on the person and what they are looking for, how much time they are willing to spend at the mall or other stores standing in line to pay for their items, and if they can find what they are looking for. I have a few friends, that go shopping on Black Friday and they leave around three- six in the morning in order to get the best deals. Yes, they shop all day long and come back to Canada with great deals, but it is really worth it? Well, it depends on who you talk to. I have also spoken to people in the states and asked whether they shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They said that they prefer to shop on cyber Monday through their computers because then they are not caught up in the crowds and can get what they want faster.

Last year was the first year that I took part in Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping. Which one did I take part in you ask? well, I took part in the cyber Monday shopping, I refuse to even try to leave my house to go anywhere on black Friday whether it be the states or Canada, because now the Canadian stores and malls, are joining in on the Black Friday fun to keep the Canadian shoppers at home. Although that doesn’t really work because most of the time the deals that you find on Black Friday in the states are sometimes better than the deals that you would find in Canada, on that same day. I think the reason for this is because the states have been doing the shopping right after their thanksgiving for so long that they are just used to it.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday shopping which do you do?

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This is black Friday and Cyber Monday results from 2011
This is black Friday and Cyber Monday results from 2011

Which is worse Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping or Boxing Day shopping?

I do have one question, though, is black Friday/ cyber Monday shopping worse than Boxing Day shopping? Do you enjoy black Friday and cyber Monday shopping? Or do you choose to just bypass that type of shopping altogether? I only did cyber Monday shopping once as of last year, and I enjoyed that more than I would if I would have gone to the states on black Friday, too many people for me and yes I would shop again on cyber Monday I may even do it this year. If I don’t cyber Monday shop and decide to do Black Friday shopping I would price match first and then see what would be best to do black Friday or cyber Monday, but I have never done that before I may do that in the future but I do enjoy cyber Monday shopping more than going into the stores to shop like you would on black Friday. So if you ask what I like most I would have to say Cyber Monday. Have you ever participated in Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Most people probably have at least once in their life because of the limitless sales that both these days offer so that people can get their Christmas shopping done for the month ahead.

The big question is why does Black Friday and Cyber Monday exist? they exist because the American Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas since it is in November which is when most people do their Christmas shopping, and they usually like to start right after thanksgiving. That is why Black Friday and Cyber Monday exist in my opinion. If you are from the united states you probably have done Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping what have you noticed about it, do you find it limitless? Or has the novelty of running around the stores on black Friday or shopping online on cyber Monday worn off? Are the good deals still there or are they always the same thing?

What do you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday does it have a limitless feel to it? or do you even notice? Have you ever shopped on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Have you seen what happens during Black Friday shopping? the limitless amounts of people rushing around to get what they want from the stores are crazy. My opinion is why do people need to do that, it's not like the sales that they offer on black Friday won't come around again, and who can be that desperate to run around a store trying to get something before someone else and fighting with the other person over it. Is that right? To me Black Friday shopping is when the children who look like adults come out and fight over items in stores that they probably could find on cyber Monday anyway, so why not wait and buy it offline or better yet go to the store earlier since black Friday deals have started lasting the week so you miss the crowds.

So the next time you are thinking of going out on black Friday in the limitless crowds read this post first and maybe reconsider. Cyber Monday is a limitless amount of fun aswell, why not try that?

The Cyber Monday and Black Friday tags you would see when things are on sale.
The Cyber Monday and Black Friday tags you would see when things are on sale.

The Scariness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both have limitless sales. Either through the entire month or the weekend or week. It really depends on the store. It also depends on what you like to do more. I enjoy cyber Monday shopping more because I don't like the crowds there are still limitless deals, it is just what a person likes more is what they are going to choose. Also, it depends on how much Christmas shopping a person has left to do since American thanksgiving is right before Christmas.

Have you ever done Black Friday or Cyber Monday Shopping and which one do you like better? Let's Discuss

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