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Black Friday Online Deals-Toys

Updated on August 23, 2011

 Stop right there!  Want to avoid the hussle and bustle of Holiday Shopping?  You know Black Friday is full of sales.  But is it really worth going out into the cold and the wee hours of the morning to get those Black Friday Deals? offers Black Friday Deals online.  No you don't need to wait until cyber Monday to get the latest gifts.  You can do Santa's work right from the comfort of your own kitchen! has many Black Friday Deals online in toys!  Come on... get yourself a cup of coffee and check it out!

Save on a Fisher Price Trio Construction Kit

Here is one of the many Black Friday Deals! If you spend $20.00 on a Fisher Price Trio Construction Set you get $5.00 off automatically at check out. There are many sets to choose from.

Fisher-Price TRIO Wizard's Castle

 The Fisher Price Trio Wizard's Castle is 150 piece play set that has two figures that snap onto the bricks.  Your child can create many different scenarios with their play castle. The bricks are easy to snap together or take apart. The castle comes with secret passageways and spinning floors.  And what would a castle be without it's own dragon!  The dragon clicks easily onto the bricks and has wings that move up and down.  Seven customer reviews gave the Fisher Price Trio Wizard's Castle four out of five stars.  One parent commented how her five year old son was able to assemble his kit right away!

Fisher-Price TRIO Basic Farm Set

 The Fisher Price TRIO Basic Farm Set might be one of the Black Friday Deals that go unnoticed! It includes 104 bricks to put together a barn, silo, and feed trough. Also included are three figures, a farmer, a cow and a pig.  The farmer has a wheelbarrow that he can push.  The bricks are easy to snap together and take apart.

Fisher-Price TRIO King's Warship

The Fisher Price Kings TRIO warship is constructed of 100 brick pieces. Also included on the sip is a cannon and two figures that snap on to the blocks.  Hoist the sails for a fun time!  Bu t don't let you little one play with it in the water, as it is not intended for water use.

Save 44% on V Tech

V Tech has some great toys out this year that are pretty inexpensive. They are sure to top the Black Friday Sales List. One of the Toys that is selling well is the V Tech Tote and Go Laptop. The Laptop comes in pink and orange. It has at least thirty activities for your child to enjoy. It has an LCD Screen and a mouse that can be plugged in on either side for right or left handed children. Customer reviews gave this toy four out of five stars. A grandparent reports her three year old granddaughter has played with this toy non stop. Other customers like how durable and rugged this toy is.

Save on LeapFrog Toys

The Leap Frog Learn and Groove Color Play Drum is a Black Friday online deal. It teaches children about colors, numbers and music. Children can learn their numbers and colors in Spanish and in English. They can also learn about three types of music, classical, salsa and marching. As if this wasn't enough, parents can log online and learn more ways to educate their children. This toy received five out of five stars from four customer reviews. Parents highly recommend it for it educational value and entertainment value. Parents also comment this toy has been dropped and still works!

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Color Play Drum

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Wand

 The Leap Frog Learn and Groove Wand will let your child create their own band.  Wave the wand for music.  Children can control the tempo or different sounds by how fast or slow they move the wand.     Connect on line to learn more ways to help educate your child.  This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Flurry in a Hurry

Save on FurReal Friends!

Here is yet another Black Friday On line deal brought to you by Amazon! Get $10.00 off when you spend $30.00 on Fureal Friends. The Furreal Friends Flurry in a Hurry is a white rabbit that scurries allover the place. She even makes cute little sounds. Customer review gave this toy four out of five stars. They thought the toy was really cute an a bit cheaper than a Zhu Zhu pet.

Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Buster Bow Wow

 Buster the dog is a fast paced little scurrier!  He is cute and energetic.   Customer reviews gave Buster three and half stars out of five. 

Power Wheels Tough Talkin Jeep Wrangler

 Black Friday on Amazon yet offers you more Black Friday Deals! You can save up to 20% of select ride on toys. Check out the Power Wheels Thomas the Tank Engine.  It is a cute replica of Thomas the Engine. Push the button to make it go!  This Little Engine will be sure to be the excitement of your child's Christmas!  The Thomas the tank Engine can go up to two miles per hour.  There is a bumper to Bumper Warranty too.  A 6 volt battery and charger are included.

 Check out the Powers Wheels Rubicon.  It is tough and ready to roll.  Imagine your child's eyes when he sees this under the tree! It has two speeds. 2.5 MPH and 5 MPH forwards and 2 MPH backwards.  A 12 volt battery and charger come with the Jeep. Three AA batteries are needed for the rockin radio.  The Jeep also has a microphone!  This Powers Wheels Jeep is recommended for ages three and up.

Power Wheels Toddler Fire Truck

 The Power Wheels Toddler Fire Truck is just cute! It is one of those Black Friday Deals you just can't pass up!  It has realistic flashing lights and sounds. It comes with a 6 Volt battery and charger.  This fire truck rides very low to the ground so it makes it easy for children to get on and off. It drives a maximum of 2 MPH. Requires 1 AA battery for lights and sounds.

 Need some more Gift ideas? Look below to see if there is something that interests you!


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