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Black Friday Shopping 101

Updated on November 20, 2011

Black Friday Shopping 101: Dos and Donts

Black Friday is soon upon us and since I will be working at a store to help on that day i wanted to help everyone to realize what is expected of them.

1: Come Prepared. This is not the time to scope out deals and try to think what you are going to give Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob. Make a list and double check that you know which stores carry the items you are looking for.. For instance, Toys R Us is the only store that carries the Garbage pail wrestlers.

2: Make sure that you study the sales circulars. A large number of stores offer the same items online for the sales price at the store. Just look for the code. Just watch out for the shipping prices.

3: Stay Calm: If you feel the need to rip some other fellow shopper's toe nails off. It would be best to remove yourself from the situation. Twenty dollars off of something is not worth the $150.00 fine for disorderly conduct.

4: Keep the young children at home. It's a war out there. It's not fair to your child to be dragged from store to store. Now per chance that they do want to go along with you; my niece loves Black Friday shopping. Gauge their tiredness. If they seem to be getting tired and cranky plan for someone to pick them up and let them go home.

5: Keep your hands to yourself. Everyone has a personal space area around them. For most people measureing an arm's length away. That means if you see someone going for the last orbeezes foot massage. Don't race up tp them and snatch it out of their hands.

6: The Shopping Cart: Have some important rules here:

A: The shopping cart is not a weapon.

B: Do not block the aisle ways. And don't get angry when someone moves the cart because you did something wrong.

C: Put your carts away. If someone else left their cart roaming the parking lot it would piss you off too.

7: Make sure the sale item is what your child wanted. My mom got me a VCR once that was on sale. When in truth it was just a video player.

8: Buy what you really need. Just because wrapping paper is $.50 a roll doesn't mean you need to buy 50 rolls of it. My Aunt did this once and she had that paper for years and started to get yellowish from age.

9: Parking lots:

A: Use your turn signals when pulling into a spot. That way if you see someone with a turn signal on you know that that spot is theirs.

B: When walking through a parking lot don't block traffic. People like to say that pedestrians always have the right of way. Here in PA this is not true. Pedestrians have the right of way when in the crosswalk or when they are already in the line of traffic when a car approaches. So if you walk in back of a car when it is already backing up and get hit. It is your fault.

C: Park your car. Nobody cares if your friend only went in for a minute. You can find a spot and they can call you when they're coming back out.

10: Be nice to the workers. Black Friday is already stressful enough they don't need someone yelling at them that the store was out of Season 6 bof How I met Your Mother.

Have a great Day and everyone and be safe.


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