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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Updated on November 28, 2010
Huge discounts from your internet to front door
Huge discounts from your internet to front door

Black Friday Deals

Holiday season is one that calls for sharing in the spirit of love and gift giving with family and friends. However the shopping should be as fun and loving as the holidays provide. For this reason, many stores have made Black Friday all month long in November. Specialty shops offers incentives such as bonus bucks to their store just for shopping. Sears, JC Penny, and Macys all have jumped on the Black Friday deals offering up to 75% savings on one day only sales. Their doorbusters are hits among shoppers who love to rack up on these incredible savings.

In today's economy, shopping malls across America opened their doors more often than they have when there was no recession. Store hours have been extended for early bird shoppers and night owls alike. They used this tactic to get people to spend more in hopes of boosting the economy. It is no doubt that during holiday season, the economy picks up just enough to carry throughout the beginning of the new year. Still, there is the need for shoppers to wait until Black Friday to gather steeper discounts in their favorite stores.

One lady was reported waiting in the parking lot of a local store four days prior to actual Black Friday. She wanted to ensure her first place in line when doors were opened. However, people bombard their way through doors stepping all over people, just to get in. What the news doesn't report are the record breaking injuries that happens from people stampeding in like the running of the bulls. So what does this mean for online shoppers?

Cyber Monday Discounts

I've been Black Friday shopping before, and promised myself to never go again in physical stores. The merchandise was all over the place and I literally has to spend about 1/2 hour per isle just to find that special gift and a good price. I am also not a big fan of crowded places where my cart can not move as swiftly as me. My husband and I thought we were playing bumper carts with Black Friday shoppers racing to get a good spot in line for checkout.

What I have realized is, shopping online is even better than in regular stores. In fact, some of my favorite stores are found online. They even offer more discounts plus free shipping. I love the fact that there are so many places that will give me online coupons especially for just joining their emailing lists. Last year Black Friday, we spent over $500 in Christmas gifts for other family members alone in our actual stores. This year, our budget was slashed by 1/3. We are done shopping for our family since choosing to shop online. Best part is, no longer will we go through all that. We can shop online and have all our gifts delivered right to our front door.

I know many of you are anxious to get your holiday shopping done in a fraction of time and cost. Therefore, Super Savings has searched the internet for the best quality holiday gifts and savings that won't break the bank. These Christmas gifts will be enjoyed by every family member and friends. They put a unique smile on the faces of many loved ones during this season of giving.

Super Savings not only searched the internet for these huge savings, we have made them available for you to enjoy time and time again. Although you may see it on this site for holiday shopping, some of these savings can last all year long. It is our job to ensure safe shopping experience for everyone who loves to shop online.


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    • Lady LaShonda profile image

      Lady LaShonda 7 years ago from Atlantic City, New Jersey

      You are so very welcome Woman of Courage.

      I pray that you find that perfect gift for your loved ones at my site Please refer all of your friends to enjoy your shopping experience as well. Thank you very much for stopping by.

    • Woman Of Courage profile image

      Woman Of Courage 7 years ago

      Hi Lady Lashonda, I love shopping online. I found shopping online more enjoyable and relaxing. There are better deals and discounts when shopping online. I also dislike overcrowded stores. Thanks for sharing the super savings website. I am looking forward to Cyber Monday Discounts. God bless you!