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How to Increase Internet Speed without any Extra Cost to You

Updated on March 4, 2010

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite.  It is widely used by millions all over the world.  The internet is used for a variety of purposes for different people.   Some use it for businesses, some for private work and others for plain and simple interaction with family and friends.  More often, users encounter problems with their internet connection, especially with its speed.  Most of the time, technicians are being contacted to work on the problem.  Considering the financial crisis that people are experiencing right now, it is a firsthand solution to work on the problem by troubleshooting it on our own.

1.      Primarily it is a must to be aware of the internet connection speed that is being paid to internet service providers.  Making sure that it is the sped that has been programmed into the network.

2.      There are websites that actually provide free services for a speed test. 

This is a good way to check if the agreed speed was actually what

was programmed.

3.      Manage or if not try to minimize the use of Add-ons it will only slow

down the speed of the internet connection.         

4.      Always make sure that you have an anti-virus in your system.  One way

of being aware that a virus has been detected in your system.

5.      After using the internet, it is most advisable that cache and cookies

are to be deleted.  It is appropriate to do so avoiding system trouble in

the future.

6.      Should any program be running that is not being used, it is advised to

disable such since it actually has an effect on your computer and its

capacity to run smoothly.

Things needed:

  • Hardware Specifications
  • Software Specifications


  • Should a virus be detected, always make necessary actions to quarantine it or take it out of your system.


  • Disable unnecessary programs running while working on another program.
  • Always install anti-virus programs to protect your system.
  • Check your system every now and then for anything that might result to system failure.
  • Filtering spam and unwanted emails are always handy for system protection.


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