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The Only Sales Survival Guide You'll Need

Updated on May 24, 2015

Did you know ...

...the first-sale days are the most busiest shopping days in the UK calender according to Which! Fact.

So, you've left the sandwich leftovers and already put aside the useless gifts from Christmas that you're already planning to return in a vicious cycle of 're-gifting', what's worse is you forgot to get the mother in law a present for Chrismtas and she's due in town today and she is still fuming!

Thankfully for you, it's the start of the end of season sales!

You have no choice but to head out feet first into the busy realm of sale shoppers so she can make do with a belated gift.

You must be CRAZY!

But don't despair! Here is the help you need and don't worry. Your wallet can thank me later.

Photo shared from Independent of 2013 boxing day sales.
Photo shared from Independent of 2013 boxing day sales. | Source
  • First thing's first, you need a battle plan, where are you going to go? What time will you get there? What time is their busiest time of day(/avoid this time at all times). Other things you need to plan include where you're going to park your car, your spending budget (and the reserve budget for the ladies) and your shopping list so you don't go on a silly spending spree wasting all your pennies and cents on impulse buys for the dog.
  • Next, you need to take someone with you who can tell you to stick to the shopping list, stick to the plan and tell you "It'll be okay" when your frustration peeks and you have no other desire but to tear down the sales stalls. You'll do better to take someone who needs to do a spot of shopping too because you can help them as well, time and motion! Not only that, your accomplice won't get bored if they have their own shopping to do too.
  • Get there early, you want to hit the shops at 9am when they open, they will be busy enough at this time, but it will be a lot worse at 12pm! Not to mention, all sales I've come across (except the DFS sale which never ends) are "whilst stocks last" so once they're out of stock, you're not getting the chicken!
  • Don't try things on! Although, check returns policies. If sale goods are subject to a NO RETURNS policy, then trying them on is very important. Otherwise, trying on clothes always takes a lot of time. However, bear in mind, most sales won't except returns for cash refunds but may give store credit or allow an exchange.
  • Don't scrimp on the snacks and caffeine, this is your primary energy source and necessary to keep your batteries pumped. An empty stomach will lead to irritability and angry peers. Not to mention how easy you ladies can store some chocolate in your handbags without it melting or something, for men; we have to carefully decide what to keep in each pocket to ensure everything fits without falling out.
  • Lastly, don't forget the online sales, if like me, you just can't stand people, most high street stores will offer exclusive sales online! And online stores are no exception from this rule either,. Bring on the SALE SEASON, although if your mother-in-law is on her way now, online shopping isn't good unless it's an amazon gift card or other e-gift card as the item won't come until at least the next day. However, Amazon are launching Amazon Prime Air which is basically drones which deliver within 24 hours of placing the order...

See below how being savvy can help your finances in so much more ways than just saving money in the sales.

Being savvy is important in this day and age because without being savvy, you won't save a penny. Not with the rising cost of inflation and wages which aren't rising quick enough to keep up.

I hope I've provided you with the knowledge you need to go fourth and save!

Stay tuned for more hubs on how to maintain a savvy, healthy lifestyle!

One Final Tip...

If you're unsure, phone ahead.

Let's face it, there's nothing more frustrating when someone everyone a gift and everybody else gets great gifts except for you, your gift absolutely stinks.

If you're unsure whether a person will like a gift or not, seek a second opinion. If you've been instructed to get a certain item and you're unsure, seek a second opinion.

Even if you don't want the person to know you're buying them a gift, there's still ways to find out whether or not they'd like your gift by asking friends or family or covertly asking them what their thoughts and feelings are toward a certain item; for example, "Hey, how are you? Just a quick one but what are your thoughts on Tefal brand cookware?"

That will make them think you're asking for their opinion probably for yourself.

I really hope this hub has helped you battle with the hordes or gave you what you need to remain safely at home without the risk of being trampled underfoot by millions of angry shoppers begging to get to the front of the queue.

Sales Locations: Where To Spot A Savvy Save!

  • Facebook: My favourite local marketplace, here you can search "For Sale [City]" and lo and behold, you'll find thousands of pages where you can find the ideal item for you new home, your friend for her birthday or even just a little something on payday. I've picked up brand new top of the range phones off Facebook just to find out later that they were stolen, so be careful... Not everyone is honest, the same goes for...
  • EBay; eBay is definitely up there in my top 10 favourite marketplaces because you can almost certainly bag a bargain on the auctions or even monitor Sports Direct and Argos sales as well as many other high-street stores who are utilising eBay.
  • Amazon; again, a brilliant marketplace like eBay, perhaps more reliable with the Amazon Fulfillment Centres but the only problem is, they don't really like to handle your items with care.
  • TKMaxx is a clothing outlet in the UK, maybe even worldwide (I believe they are an American company) who provide top of the range clothing brands for a discounted rate of up to 90% off, from Armani to Versace, Bench to Nike, you can't go wrong. They also sell many homeware products which you are guaranteed to find a niche product such as canvas prints for £10 or an abstract clock for £50...

There are millions of locations both online and offline which you can pick up a bargain, including the supermarkets!

If you Google "Daily Deals" or "shopping list compare", you'll find all the latest deals around you and the online tools to choose the cheapest shops for you to shop at whilst still getting the high quality products you were looking for in the expensive shops.


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