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Brainstorming Topics For a Hub Challenge

Updated on August 13, 2014

Brainstorming my topics.


I just announced my Hub challenge, and started off by brainstorming a list of topics. I decided to do that so that I could spend a couple of days gathering my thoughts, getting ready for the challenge, and focusing myself on writing about 1-2 topics. I wanted to gather a list of 35 topics I could comfortably approach with little independent research and chose to focus on two topics I had already conducted a lot of research on: Southeast Asia Travel and Freelance Writing. Below follows my list of topics and some general guidelines.

Southeast Asia Travel Topics

I started with a broad list of Southeast Asia topics as I am planning a 4-6 week trip in the area. Topics I plan to cover include:

  1. Southeast Asia Travel When to Go
  2. 2.LGBT Travel in Southeast Asia
  3. Top 5 Laos
  4. Top 5 Myanmar
  5. Top 5 Thailand
  6. Top 5 Vietnam
  7. Top 5 Cambodia
  8. Top 10 SE Asia
  9. SE Asia on a Budget
  10. See the Elephants in SE Asia
  11. Angkor Wat Essentials
  12. Siem Reap What to See and Do
  13. Bangkok What to See and Do
  14. Luang Prabang What to See and Do
  15. Planning a Trip to Thailand's Beaches
  16. Is Phuket Overrated?
  17. Full Moon Party Guide Thailand

Other Travel Topics

I also threw in a couple of random travel topics culled from recent freelancing work:

18.Cruising in the Off Season

19. How to Save on Cruises

Freelance Writing Topics

Then I gathered some ideas I'd been kicking around for blog posts on freelance writing/work at home topics:

20. Software for Freelance Writers
21. Social Media Essentials for Freelance Writers
22. 5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post
23. Benefits of Using a Blog Calender
24. Getting Organized for Freelance Workers
25. Staying Organized with a Home Office
26. 5 Work at Home Tips
27. Freelance Writing: Should I Quit My Day Job?
28. Freelance Writing Scams
29. Passive Income for Freelance Writers

Final Topics

And finally threw in a couple more topics ideas:

30. 5 DIY Wedding Favors

31. Father Daughter Wedding Dance Ideas

32. First Dance Wedding Songs

Next Steps

Having the list makes me feel ready for this challenge, excited, and prepared to work hard and meet my goal. As my next step, I'll research one image that I can use for each blog post and put the URL in my tracking spreadsheet. For song posts, I'll find video links. This will help me gather all of the material I need so I can focus on writing by the end of this week.

Do you need to use a list? No, but I'd recommend it. Having the list helps you avoid writer's block and can prevent you from recycling content in your effort to reach your goal. I aimed to add a few extra topics so that if I felt burned out from writing about something, I would still have ideas to use. I also suspect I'll get really into a topic, and break it up even further into 2-3 Hubs. In that case, this original list will serve me long after the challenge ends.

© 2014 Lindsey D.


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