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Tips for Creating A Great Vacation: Plan A Budget Friendly Vacation For Your Family

Updated on July 8, 2013

Budget Friendly Vacation

After taking several trips up and down the East coast with my family, its not easy to learn tips to to create a great vacation and plan a budget friendly vacation for your family. I have been able to come up with several budget friendly vacation tips over the years. We as a family were never big on flying so all of our trips together have been by car or van. During these times, you can really spend some quality time with loved ones. Road trips are the best.

Inexpensive Getaways

Ways To Cut Expenses - 4 Budget Friendly Vacation Tips

One of the greatest expenses of any trip even if its a short trip is the cost food. Eating out at restaurants or stopping for fast food can cost a fortune. Besides being expensive, we all know that fast food is not so healthy and often times some of what we buy ends up getting wasted especially the drinks. I have come up with 4 budget friendly vacation tips for my family and yours on ways to cut expenses while traveling.

The tips are based on ways to save money on food and lodging. Ways to use coupons to save. And what planning ahead can do to help you save too.

1. Save on Food - pack food for the trip to avoid spending money at restaurants and for fast food and drinks on the way. Pack snacks in case someone gets just a little hungry or bored. .Get a thermos and fill it with coffee or hot beverages. Save any and all coupons for discounts on food prior to taking the trip that can be used on the trip.

2. Save on Lodging - If the trip requires you to stay over for a night before you reach your destination, book a hotel room ahead of time just off the expressway that you're traveling on. Use AAA discounts and any other discounts you may have available to you. Stay in less expensive hotels for late night or one night stops on the way or on the way back to your destinations. Eat continental breakfasts that are included

3. Save by using Coupons - Before your trip get on the internet and look for coupons to use on your trip. Print and use them. Go to places like credit unions who offer discounts on Amusement parks if you are visiting a place that they have discounts to. Take coupons from newpapers for any groceries that you may buy while on your trip. Use the disounts to your advantage

4. Save money by planning ahead - If you know when and where you will be traveling, planning ahead makes a huge difference when it comes to saving money. Packing and saving and using all discounts available to you will help you to be able to spend more money on other things or even have some cash left when your return home.

Travel Ideas For Your Budget Friendly Vacation

If you are thinking about a trip, take time to learn how to plan a budget friendly vacation for you and your family so that you will have a great time. See some of my other hubs on various destinations and other travel ideas to make your trips the best they can be.

Cheap Travel Deals

Getaway for less

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