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Build a Business From Your Hobbie

Updated on March 22, 2010

I always had a pencil or crayon in my hand. As a child, I loved drawing on paper, on the desk at school, on the walls at home, any empty space, I would draw a flower, or a face, or a dog. I loved to created a picture. As an adult, I thought I out grew all of that.

At the age of about 32, I was in my old neighborhood, when I saw my father's blue van comming down the street with antlers on top. My father was a outdoorsman. He, and my brothers hunted, and went fishing. almost all year round. Living in Michigan, he didn't have far to go for sports. When he turned on my old street where I grew up, I followed him. He turned into the driveway, and there was a dead deer tied to the top of his van. He got out of the van looking like a tired but proud man. He had killed a deer.

His birthday was that next week, his girlfriend and I decided to order him a birthday cake from a bakery. We wanted a cake with a picture of a man shooting a deer on it. But bakery after bakery turned us down, they would not do a picture on a cake. One bakery told us that they were bakers, not artist! Then an idea clicked in my head. " I'm an artist!'' no professional training, but I could draw good enough for a cake. We ordered a cake with a tiny plastic man and a tiny plastic deer on it. I didn't like it but it was all that they could do.

That next week, I started looking for cake decorating classes. I found one in a local cake decorating shop that cost less than twenty dollars for a beginning class. and it lasted about six weeks. When I told my co-workers what I had done, One brave soul ask me to make a birthday cake for her neices birthday. I was glad to do it. My first cake looked like it was my first cake, kind of lope sided, and the writing wasn't very good, but she really liked it. Then some one else ask for a cake. The more cakes I made, the better I becme at decorating them, and the more professional they looked. They wanted cakes with pictures of cartoon characators or family members, I finally could do what I like to do, drawing, and make money at it. If could not draw a tweetie bird, then there are always coloring books with those type of pictures in them. I could find a picture in a magazine or catalog. and trace the picture and transfer it on rice paper, color it with food coloring and gel and transfer it to the cake. All these items can be found at a local cake decorating shop.

I worked at place where a lot of women worked, and women are always buying for their families and friends.

After about a year, I went back and took a wedding cake class,at the same cake decorating shop. My first wedding cake was for my sisters wedding, I didn't charge her because it was my first wedding cake, and she help me buy some of those professional cake pans. But after I told my co-workers, I started getting orders for wedding cakes, my business grew by word of mouth.

Any hobbie you have, like drawing or writing, sewing, speaking. you can always get a little bit of training. Start small and build. the more you doing it,the better you get. in other words practice makes perfect!!!


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      oldandwise 6 years ago

      Very informative! voted up

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      Julia 7 years ago

      Great story, thanks for sharing!