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Buy Baby Stuff Online

Updated on March 20, 2011

Buy Baby Stuff Online

We were all babies once. We all needed baby stuff, but we were too young to do much about it. Now, as mostly grown ups, we have the cash to indulge in really cool online baby stuff.

Baby stuff is a great gift for new parents. Babies need clothes, toys, and more clothes. The parents need sophisticated electrical devices to monitor babies. They also need reliable mechanical equipment to transport, secure, and enclose their babies. Simple cribs are no longer cool: baby gear must be state-of-the-art.

A high-tech baby gift is always welcome: we provide a few great suggestions here.

CMT 855.504.11 Baby Lock Miter Router Bit

When we need to rout, nothing routes like a Baby Lock Miter Router Bit. Garage-based projects can come to a sudden grinding halt due to lack of sufficient router bits. This amazing device is optimal for joining wood surfaces when yellow wood glue just isn't fancy enough. Bob Vila may or may not endorse it, but that probably makes it less expensive anyway.

2.4GHz Wireless Day & Night Vision Color Baby Monitor

Babies do stuff at night: don't miss it. No self-respecting modern parental unit should be without night vision equipment installed clandestinely in the baby's room. Hook this thing to the Internet somehow and view the evening antics of your babies from anywhere in the world where they will let you online and there's nothing else to do. These cameras are also suitable for nighttime animal watching, nighttime insect watching, and nighttime paint-drying watching.

Baby Pink Phone Covers

Encase your cell phone with baby pink accoutrement. Cute and darling stretchy cases decked out in pinkish hues are just the right gift for Baby's First Phone or Baby's First iPad. There's something pink and baby-like for every popular brand of wireless phone that ends up in a diaper bag.

Note: hot pink is also a viable baby-ish color, but may be indicative of a serious skin condition or diaper rash. Consult a baby doctor as soon as possible.

Bambini Collezioni C-W 0-3 Baby Collezioni

Anything baby-related and  written in what appears to be a European language must be a must-have for baby aficionados around the world. It's so expensive it must be good for a real punch to your social status on that next trip to the Baby Gap or the Baby Starbucks. An overtly cute pseudo-baby adorns the cover of this publication. At least, we think it's a publication.

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Not too many babies play piano, but that's probably because we are unfit parents who should know enough to get our kids in piano lessons sometime during the third trimester. These baby grand pianos address a long-ignored niche in the Baby Stuff Market. Plunk your baby in front of an authentic replica of a scaled-down piano: they'll know what to do. We're all born with music in us and it's dying to escape through the tiny fingers of baby Beethovens. Pianos are available in basic baby black and nearly authentic baby pink.

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Any parent paying attention knows that babies change on a daily basis and also need changing on a daily basis. If you've been down the baby road at least once, you learned from first-hand experience that changing a baby becomes much more convenient with a contoured changing pad cradling your little angel as you apply the baby wipes and begin the swaddling process. Give strong consideration to the four-sided model should your own personal baby be a 3-dimensional mover.

Olive Kids - Country Baby Clock

If your baby plays the piano and studies for the SAT, they certainly want to know what time it is. Given that most watches tend to slide off baby wrists or get chewed by baby gums, a wall clock appears to be a viable option. Hang this Country Baby clock high enough that it's out of reach to both country and city babies, yet still visible to every infant that needs a quick time check. All clocks are engineered with authentic plastic and operate from only one AA battery, which is commonly available at any battery store or baby clock store.

Sunshine Kids Sure Steps Safety Strap

There comes a time in every baby stuff compendium when discretion surely composes the better part of valor.

We're not sure what to make of this.

If your baby tends to escape on a regular basis, if your baby has watched too many episodes of Hogan's Heroes, if your baby stares longingly out the window instead of feasting on strained string beans, then...

No, we can't bring ourselves to go down that road. We do apologize.


Tons of baby stuff can be purchased online. Even if you don't have a baby or three, shop for someone who does.


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    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


      I'm dissappointed because I was looking for a baby hack saw. When my daughters were very young and got a boo boo, I offered to cut the boo boo away with just such a surgical instrument, and magically the boo boo got got better. Now my daughters need one for their own children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!