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Fun Ways to Use Packing Tape - Buy Cheap Packing Tape

Updated on September 20, 2014

Not Just for Shipping

Tape is a common household item that is used for wrapping presents, taping ripped papers and so much more.

Packing tape, on the other hand, isn't always found in your daily household drawer of miscellaneous supplies. But, there are many uses for packing tape, to include wrapping presents and taping ripped papers.

Even though packing tape is most commonly used for sealing boxes for shipping and storage, you can use packing tape for many different applications.

  • Use packing tape to laminate
  • Create a mold on a hard object
  • Make a text book cover and decorate it with color packing tape
  • Transfer images with packing tape
  • Make sculptures with tape (see video below)

There are different types of packing tape to accommodate all types of projects. Or, if you're just shipping a box or sealing it for storage, you may find that one type of packing tape works better than another.

For example, if you work in the food or restaurant business, you'll find that water-based acrylic tape is great for sealing boxes that will be refrigerated or placed in a freezer.

Types of Tape

Rubber Adhesive Tape

  • Rubber is common type of adhesive
  • High level of tack
  • Good for general purpose applications
  • Best used on recycled cardboard
  • Normal temperature applications

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive Tape

  • Higher adhesion when compared to natural rubber
  • Suitable for storage and shipping
  • Normal temperature applications

Water-Based Acrylic Tape

  • Superior performance in low temperatures
  • Ideal for hospitality and cold storage
  • Apply before refrigeration. The tape needs a dry surface to adhere properly

Solvent-Based Acrylic Tape

  • Aggressive tape adhesion
  • Performs better than other types of packing tape
  • Good for general purpose applications
  • Comes in a variety of colors, which is perfect for color coding

Cheap Tape

If you are a crafter, shipper or a business-owner, don't buy packing tape a your local office supply store. Find a wholesale supplier.

When shopping around for discount packing tape, always check the terms of any wholesale supplier.

Look for minimum order values, subscription services, customer feedback, etc.


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