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Buy File Folders

Updated on February 16, 2011

Great File Folders

Without file folders, we would be awash in paper. Our offices would bog down. Productivity would precipitously decline until we found ourselves endless searching for the files amidst disorganized piles of more piles.

An organized office is a happy and productive office. No one wants to perish in a tragic paper avalanche. A cubicle should be safe a place to work. File folder technology has advanced significantly since the first folder was invented. Archeologists and animators suggest that early file folders were designed at the Slate Quarry Company in order to handle the huge volumes of customer orders that overwhelmed the company on a daily basis. The company was well known throughout the civilized world for their production methods, but their data processing standards and practices lacked woefully.

Modern file folders are composed of space-age materials such as polypropylene, vinyl, nylon, and paper. They come in a wide variety of colors and an even wider variety of sizes. Mr. Slate would experience shock and awe were he to witness the huge selection of file folders deployed at modern companies. He would realize instantly that his quarry would have been at least .37% more efficient if his office personnel had access to the current state of file folder technology.

Cool colors!
Cool colors!

C-Line Biodegradable 13-Pocket Expanding File, Coupon Size

This is one high-tech set of file folders. When discarded, it decomposes. When thrown away, it breaks down into component molecules. Toss it into a land fill, wait 2 to 5 years, and poof: no more file folder. You're left with a pile of whatever polypropylene is made from, an elastic strap, and a button. The file folder chemists at C-Line have added a special chemical to the folder that will cause this miraculous process to occur. Plan on taking their word for it because by then your ex-folder will be buried neck-deep in dirty diapers and broken cell phones.

It also comes in pretty colors.

Safely ensconce your coupons here.
Safely ensconce your coupons here.

By Meadowsweet Kitchens Coupon Organizer - wordle

Paper coupons represent a massive mountain of disorganization. They accumulate on every flat surface in every office and kitchen throughout the civilized world. Intrepid coupon collectors understand that specially designed file folders represent the only hope of gaining a foothold against this onslaught of discounts.

Check out the Wordle Coupon Organizer by Meadowsweet Kitchen. Over eight individual tabbed dividers provide valuable separating opportunities for coupon categories. Never find yourself standing in the Pringles aisle struggling to locate an unexpired coupon.

Here are the suggested coupon categories that will most effectively leverage the nine individually tabbed subdivisions included at no extra charge in the file folder:

  1. Regular Pringles
  2. Bar-b-cue Pringles
  3. Extreme Blazin' Buffalo Wing Pringles
  4. Jalapeno Pringles
  5. Jalapeno Cheddar Pringles
  6. Ketchup Pringles
  7. Soft-Shell Crab Pringles
  8. Every other flavor of Pringles, and
  9. Everything else in the grocery store.

The classic. All other file folders are compared to this.
The classic. All other file folders are compared to this.

Pendaflex Recycled Standard Green 1/5-Cut Tab Hanging File Folders

When the history of office technology is finally written, this device will enjoy a pivotal position in the pantheon of file folders.

When office organization experts and Ivy League PhDs with grants from the federal government gather together to definitively define the really cool stuff that every self-respecting office absolutely has to have, this piece of green folded paper with a strip of metal stuck through it will probably be chosen as the cover art for their final report. It could happen.

No office has ever reached profitability without oodles of these file folders. An expensive file cabinet becomes an expensive coat rack without the proper hanging folders hanging properly in each drawer. How the Pendaflex company keeps up with demand for their flagship product, we cannot even begin to guess. Obviously they keep their file folder manufacturing plants operating at full capacity regardless of global economic conditions or labor discord.

Pendaflex, we thank you. Without you, we'd be hopelessly disorganized.

A Smead super product from a woman-owned company.
A Smead super product from a woman-owned company.

Smead Frequency Expanding Files, Waterproof and Tear Resistant Materials

Some files need to be pampered. Perhaps your boss requires sensitive hardcopy information to be bundled securely into color-coordinated hampers of papers. Depend on Smead Frequency Expanding Files for comfortable corporate closets composed of waterproof and tear-resistant materials. In the early 1900's, Charles Smead started his Hastings, Minnesota, company with one product. That product was a file folder. We hard core business owners may want to plan a pilgrimage to their corporate headquarters.Today, Smead is certified as a woman-owned company, so that must mean something really important.

This innovative product is divided into over 11 pockets, each of which is compatible with paper label inserts that are included. Both blue and black are available.

It's not technically a folder, but it will keep your files safe.
It's not technically a folder, but it will keep your files safe.

SentrySafe H3300 Safe Fire-Safe Waterproof Security File

Some work environments tend to be rough and tumble. A paper file folder or even a synthetic waterproof file folder simply does not provide sufficient protection from external influences. Consider the SentrySafe H3300. While technically not a file folder, it will keep your paperwork safe from fire-breathing customers and hot-headed bosses. It's easy to pick up and subtly slip beneath your overcoat when the IRS comes knocking on the back door. It could happen.

This impressive structure protects your important files from extremes in temperature and looks great doing it. Everyone in your office will want their own.

Build yourself a cubicle with stackable folder files from Snap-n-Store.
Build yourself a cubicle with stackable folder files from Snap-n-Store.

Snap-N-Store Snap Together File Box, Letter/Legal Size, Glossy Black

Office furniture quickly overruns a corporate budget when every employee insists on having a place to sit and a smooth flat surface on which to scatter papers. Instead of forking over crucial working capital for tasteful hessian-weave cubicles, use Snap-n-Store letter boxes to construct fully functional furniture. These amazing containers offer steel reinforced top edges intended for hanging file folders, but also useful as chair rails when strategically stacked throughout the office.

The glossy black laminate finish adds a classy glossy black appeal to any paper-pusher's workspace. Order enough for all your functionaries and enthusiastic junior executives.


Pack up your files in a cornucopia of file folders. Look online for great deals.


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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 7 years ago

      Like drjb mentioned -- lots of Pringles associations. I too like an organized chip. Tasty and thoughtful in the how-much-room-do-I-need category!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj: Yes, we meet weekly in the salty snacks aisle.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      nicomp - have you seen a therapist lately re your Pringle obsession?