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Buy Soccer

Updated on November 29, 2011

Kwik Goal Soccer Agility Ball

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of finding soccer too easy, roll out this specially designed ball. It's round, but it's not symmetrical. Several smaller ball-shaped shapes are pressed together into what appears to be a model from high-school chemistry class: perhaps it can perform double-duty after the season ends.

Train yourself or your loved ones to handle irregular bounces and caroms. You probably won't see it as the official ball of the World Cup, but you and your loved ones will be the best irregular ball handlers on the pitch. Order an agility ball for everyone on your team.

SoccerEdge Bungee Soccer Trainer

Typically, we kick the ball in order to propel it away from us at a high rate of speed. Theoretically, this works very well during competition. Unfortunately, long hours of practice often become long hours of chasing stray balls because there's no one else to kick it back to us. Fortunately, this unique training tool provides a unique solution to the problem of practicing alone. Happily, the specially designed bungee technology securely and accurately returns your ball back to your waiting foot. Conveniently, practice your dribbling, trapping, and kicking skills without the headache of rounding up your mates to play with you.

Kwik Goal Soccer Magnetic Board

Diagramming soccer plays becomes problematic without proper equipment. You can describe the perfect play that optimizes your team's strengths and virtually guarantees one or more goals, but unless you can communicate it to your team, you may as well be coaching baseball.

Be sure you have a proper magnetic board when the time comes to diagram that game-winning strategy. This particular model comes complete with magnets and a note-taking surface so you can scribble last-minute annotations as your team huddles around you.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin' Soccer Ball

You could enroll your child in an exclusive preparatory school in anticipation of a long and distinguished academic career. On the other hand, a Singin' Soccer Ball costs much less and probably uses fewer batteries in the long run. Your progeny will learn numbers and letters along either path of learning.

Kids listen to soccer balls. They may ignore sage advice from meddling adults, but whatever comes out of the mouth of a soccer ball is taken to be unshakable truth. This particular ball holds forth on numeracy, literacy, and even sportsmanship. Your kids will learn to count and spell while clutching this soft plush sphere.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Size 3 Soccer Ball

Disney puts their name on pretty much everything, from soccer balls to soccer socks. This Size 3 ball will keep your children amused for hours and hours. Watching them kick around Buzz Lightyear is the dream of most parents: don't be left out.

It has a soft foam cover so it's easy to grip on throw-ins and inadvertent hand-ball fouls. If your kids don't start learning soccer from the first day they start walking, they will fall behind. They may end up playing cricket or gin rummy.

Westminster Tabletop Soccer

Sometimes you can't get on the pitch because the weather is too bad or it's being used for a wedding. Soccer needs to be played, whether it's human competing against each other or plastic men with steel rods poking through their middles. The latter would be extremely painful were it not implemented in a handy wooden box painted to look like a real soccer field.

Simply roll out the scale-model ball and start spinning your players. Strategy matters little: spin until you win. The little plastic players rarely get dizzy and never complain anyway. They never pull a hamstring or snap an Achilles's Tendon. No need for little plastic trainers or medical personnel in this game.

Instant Murals Soccer Wall Transfer Stickers

Never again will you or your loved ones live in danger of forgetting what a soccer ball looks like. Use these handy stickers to stick up images of your favorite sporting sphere anywhere there's a flat surface, except your windshield.

Instructions and a special applicator are included. You can read the instructions or you can simply start sticking: the choice is yours. You've probably stuck stuff before: it's pretty much the same as sticking up baseball stickers or rugby stickers.

PUGG 6 Footer Portable Training Goal

You never know when a soccer game will break out. A peaceful board meeting or tonsillectomy may suddenly explode into a full-fledged competition between folks who only moments earlier were comrades.

Always be prepared. The most difficult component of a soccer game to approximate must be the goals. You can kick around any old round thing that won't break your toes, but without a set of matching goals, you'll be left with kicking into a garbage can or an open window.

These handy goals pop open with a flick of your wrist, which isn't doing anything anyway because you can't use your hands in soccer except to catch yourself when you flop to the ground.

adidas Men's F5 TRX FG Soccer Cleat

Soccer cleats are absolutely the coolest footwear on the planet. The choices of colors, styles, and cleats offer styling opportunities unmatched by boring loafers or expensive Uggs. Everyone needs at least 10 or 20 pairs in their closet.

Back in 'the day', soccer players wore boring leather slippers and some even played barefoot. Those times are long gone. No self-respecting athlete steps onto the pitch without first lacing up a provocative pair of florescent footcoverings.

Be prepared for any occasion by stocking up on soccer shoes. You can get married in them or go bowling on the day before the Big Game. Order pairs in a wide range of sizes and give them as gifts: you will always be the hero.

Deco Breeze Figurine Fan Bear, Soccer

The fourth-next best thing to playing soccer just might be having a tabletop fan featuring a soccer ball and a bear. The fan cools you, the bear holds up the fan, the ball ties it all together. It's like nothing we've ever seen in the bear/fan/soccer niche.

Flaming Soccer Balls 52" Ceiling Fan

Sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a flaming soccer motif throughout an entire rumpus room. This adorable ceiling fan provides much-needed airflow when the score is tight and you're hanging on every play of The Big Game. Stay cool with gentle breezes tossed at you from rotating blades with flaming soccer balls on them.

Should post-game celebrations become excessively exuberant, extra fan blades may prove propitious. A poorly directed soccer ball, punted innocently skyward, could extremely damage fan blades with flaming soccer balls on them. Be prepared.

This fan-favorite fan comes complete with a 15 year manufacturer's warranty and also flaming soccer balls on the rotating blades.

Ballmania Lip Balm - Soccer Key Chain (3pk)

Protect your lips so you can cheer for your favorite team. A stadium full of people without lips would be extremely creepy. This luscious balm provides SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20 shielding and feels wonderful on your face. It comes in a soccer-ball style container with an easily detachable lid and also a slick little carabiner.

Each pack includes 3 separate and distinct packages of lip balm: that's enough to share with two other people at your pregame party and still keep your lips soft and pliable. Each container make a great gift for someone with chapped lips that you don't really care all that much about.

Champion Sports Extreme Tie Dye Soccer Ball

No other sport offers so many variations on a basic round ball. We rarely see a psychedelic tennis ball or a florescent cannon ball. This super cool offering takes the basic soccer equipment and turns it into a tie-dyed masterpiece. You can play at night or in a deep fog: the ball will always be visible.

It's guaranteed for exactly one year. Your tie-dyed ball will remain free of manufacturing defects assuming you play with it in a reasonable manner. Don't plan on using it as a cornerstone in your new stadium or loading it into a cannon: if you do nothing but kick it reasonably aggressively, you should be good to go for at least 12 months.

Wilton Soccer Ball Candles

A soccer-themed party might just fizzle out unless the cake is adorned with soccer ball candles. No one wants to sing Happy Birthday, then watch in disappointed horror as the guest of honor blows out generic candles. Deploy these handy soccer ball-shaped candles to save the party from degenerating into a generic celebration.

These illuminating party favors are packed 6 to a box. Be sure to order enough to properly commemorate the expected age of your birthday celebrant. For example, a 12 year-old will require two boxes of candles. A 13 year-old will require 3 boxes and you will have 5 candles left over for the birthday of another 5 year-old. A 60 year-old will require 10 boxes.


You're going to eat candy anyway, it might as well be soccer-shaped candy. Reward yourself and your team after long day of dribbling and passing. These delicious chocolate candies approximate tiny soccer balls. Carefully peel away the foil and munch away. Tuck a few hundred into your gear bag before heading out for a tournament. You'll have all the major holidays covered, including Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Soccer Day. Don't eat the foil.

Soccer Fan Cascade Centerpiece

Your table needs a centerpiece, it may as well be a soccer-based ornament. Eat your meals while staring at a foil and plastic contrivance replete with little soccer balls and streamers. It stands over 17 inches high and will tower over your bowls of potato chips and ranch dressing. A stand is included at no extra charge: you won't have to prop it up with ketchup bottles.

It does ship in more than a few pieces. Don't order it unless you can have an adult handy to assemble it.

SNC Canopy Chair

Watch soccer matches in royal comfort. Ensconce yourself into this heavenly canopy chair: you won't care who wins or how many offsides penalties your team incurs. An ingenious canopy shields your precious head from dangerous rays of sunshine and dampening raindrops. A drink holder is included, should you find yourself thirsty as you enjoy the game unfolding in front of you.

Look for the 255 lb limit: if your favorite fan is any larger than that, perhaps you'd better order two. The canopy folds up into a handy chair carrier bag. Can this thing get any more ingenious?

Soccer Ball Stud Post Sterling Silver Earrings

Wearing earrings shaped like soccer balls is not recommended unless the artifacts are not to scale. In other words, don't hang real soccer balls from your earlobes. You run the risk of fatally stretching your lobes or, even worse, being kicked by overzealous competitors. Look for a matching pair of earrings that have been scaled down to attractively complement your delicate appendages.

These particular earrings have been specially designed to match the ears of most people. They are made of sterling silver, which will not turn your ears green like those cheap soccer ball earrings on that other web site.

Classic Soccer Bracelet

Wrap your love for soccer around your wrist and show it off to the world. These amazing bracelets are made from the same elements from which real soccer balls are made. You wouldn't wear a soccer ball on your wrist and you wouldn't kick this bracelet, but they otherwise have quite a bit in common.

One size fits all, which actually isn't true because there's no way that everyone in the world could fit into one of these. They aren't that big.

Electric Avenue 80-MF567 Soccer Clock with Alarm

The natural shape for a digital alarm clock is that of a soccer ball. Dedicated engineers toiled for days to cram all the necessary components into this ubiquitous configuration. They even missed the opening day festivities of their rec league.

It won't roll away because the engineers didn't forget to flatten the bottom: we can only wonder what the first few prototypes looked like.

A semi-perpetual calendar goes all the way to 2099. This works perfectly unless you have a game scheduled for 2100. 6 different natural sounds can be selected to gently wake you up in the morning, or whenever you get up.

Soccer Ball Necklace W/Silver Chain and Velour Gift Box

A soccer ball wrapped in a soccer ball: this handy implement of jewelry has it all. The outer ball is a velour-covered masterpiece of jewelry packaging. When you give it as a gift, you won't need to wrap it again. It's wrapped well in advance of your generosity.

Inside this enclosure resides a necklace crafted from hand-painted materials. The chain is sterling silver with a 2 inch extender supplementing the 16 inch length. Your little soccer star will love to wear this to the Ice cream store, which is the traditional destination for little soccer stars after big games.

Bill Nicholson - Football's Perfectionist

One of the greatest soccer players ever, the legendary Bill Nicholson began his career as an invitee to the Tottenham Hotspur club. Eventually he became one of the most iconic coaches of footballers ever in the history of soccer.

If you only read one book about a Tottenham Hotspur football coach, this should be the one. This book is replete with stories, anecdotes, expositions, and narratives surrounding one of the greatest coaches in the annals of soccer. No one will every forget the time that his team beat that other team or when that unexpected injury happened and all the plans had to change. The story about the bad weather affecting that one game is particularly memorable. Order a copy for every football fan on your gift list.

Yellow & Green Brazilian Football Confederation Jersey

Tom Hanks, as Chuck Noland in the epic film Castaway, would have traded his deflated volleyball for just one of these bright yellow soccer jerseys: not because he was a huge soccer fan, but because he was stranded on a deserted island and this product would have been optimal for signaling passing ships. He would have been really mad had he known that the FedEx package he guarded for all those years actually contained several sizes of this exact item. He could have made a signal flag that would be seen from outer space.

Wear it to the grocery store or to your favorite soccer match. No one will bother you.

ESPN ScoreCenter

It's free and it's from ESPN: what else is there to say? Download this app into your Android-compatible wireless phone for hours of the latest scores in all the major sports and also soccer. You can look up stats, follow your favorite teams and read up on breaking stories about soccer. The app is easy to use, even for NASCAR fans.

Motor sports, golf, tennis, cricket, and rugby are also covered by this downloadable free software application, but this article is about soccer.

Soccer Phone Protector Cover for Apple iPhone

Envelop your wireless phone in a soccer-oriented motif made of plastic and other space-age materials. This cover provides some level of protection against drops, dings, and scratches. Don't plan on throwing your phone from one of the 86,000 seats of Borg El Arab Stadium, Alexandria, Egypt onto the pitch: this will probably negate any protection provided by the phone cover.

Don't even think about getting up from any of the 88,083 comfortable seats in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia, hiking to the top, and dropping your phone from the upper deck onto the parking lot. Very few phone protector covers would have any hope of cushioning your mobile device against a fall of that distance and this is not one of them.

Prevent yourself from losing your phone as you are strolling into Wembley Stadium, London, Englan, where it could be trampled any number of the 90,000 attendees who hold reserved seat tickets. This phone protector is cool and everything, but it can't hold up to such abuse.

Feel free to take your phone to FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa, but rest assured that this phone cover will not stand up to the forces generated by 94,736 fanatic fans wielding vuvuzelas concurrently.


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    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      nicomp: It warms the cockles of my heart to see such a competitively attractive, diverse, practical array of soccer-related gifts. In particular, I like the attention-getting cleats, the noisy singing soccer ball, and the usefully portable soccer goal.

      Thank you for sharing, etc.,


    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj: My sentiments precisely.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      I apologize, nicomp, but I just couldn't help myself: "Sock it to me, sock it to me."

      Thank you for this elaborate compendium of soccer gifting paraphernalia.


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