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Buy Tape Online

Updated on July 8, 2011

Every Office Needs Tape

The office supply cabinet absolutely must be stocked with ample supplies of adhesive tape. Productivity may grind to a halt if dedicated employees are reduced to reusing lengths of used tape from UPS packages. No one wants to be the unfortunate former employee who has to inform the office manager that tape supplies have been exhausted. Look online for fantastic deals on all types of sticky tape for all types of offices.

Here are some great deals on bestselling tape products, as selected by actual consumers from across the country. Study our reviews carefully and place your orders as soon as possible. The office that runs out of tape is the office that will be closed down by the Home Office. Plan to succeed by planning ahead: never run out of fresh tape for all your projects.

Name brand tape at great prices.
Name brand tape at great prices.

Scotch Packaging Tape, 2 Inches x 800 Inches, 6 Rolls

Scotch tape marks the epitome of taping technology. This stuff holds all kinds of other stuff both reliably and economically. The name "Scotch" has become as ubiquitous as "Xerox" and "Clorox."

Always look for the Scotch brand when shopping online for tape. You can't go wrong. This 6-pack of shipping tape is perfect for securing cardboard boxes prior to shipping via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Use enough of this tape and rest assured that your box will probably arrive intact regardless of how it's handled or mishandled. The tape engineers and chemists at Scotch have carefully studied taping guidelines published by the United States Postal Service: this product is designed to adhere (get it?) to those standards.

A very cool dispenser ensures that the unused tape will not fall back onto the roll after you tear off the strip that you need. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling with tape that has stuck to itself and must be peeled back with fingernails in order to restart the roll. This can really slow down the shipping department.

The ultimate fastening combination: tape and velcro.
The ultimate fastening combination: tape and velcro.

Velcro Sticky-Back Hook & Loop Fastener Roll In Dispenser Box

Sticky-backed Velcro brand tape products offer a myriad of fastening opportunities. Velrco is designed to be reusable. By adding an adhesive backing, Velcro engineers take their hook-and-loop technology to a new level. You can create a semi-permanent connection between office items that heretofore had nothing whatsoever in common. It works.

Use it on glass, tile, drywall, or anything in-between. Hang up your coworkers awards, certificates, diplomas, or letters of resignation. Documents will stay where stuck. Documents will peel off with only a little effort applied perpendicularly to the adjoining surfaces.

Each roll is 15 feet long by 1/3 inches wide. It cuts easily with standard office-issue scissors and applies even more easily with a gentle push. Extreme versions for extreme office applications are also available.

Adhere your carpet to the floor beneath your carpet.
Adhere your carpet to the floor beneath your carpet.

Intertape 9970 Indoor Carpet Tape

Should your office carpet begin to curl at the edges, be sure to deploy a few lengths of double-sided carpet tape to restore your working environment to pristine condition. It's ingeniously designed with glue on both sides: simply apply it to the carpet, then press the carpet back down to the floor. Viola!

This product is made in the United States, but will work on carpets and floors made in any other countries as well. It's extremely useful for attaching documents to walls when staples or paper clips would seem uncouth and uncivilized. No one wants staple holes in the office walls: they may cost you your security deposit when you move to a more advantageous location.

The tape is not paper: it's made of a vinyl compound that is rot-resistant and semi-permanent. It's a great solution to the dreaded 'carpet drift' that afflicts loose carpet runners in hallways.

Tape holder that holds your tape.
Tape holder that holds your tape.

Scotch Desk Tape Dispenser

Be sure your tape is readily available and easy to access by mounting it in a specially designed tape dispenser. You can toss a naked roll of tape in a desk drawer, but it will stick to itself and become problematic to unravel when you need it. We all know that when the time comes to tape something, we tend to have our hands full. It's a wonderful convenience to reach out with one hand, pull off a strip of tape, and yank over the cutting blade.

This dispenser is strategically weighted to facilitate one-handed use. It tucks away discretely in a little-visited corner of your desk and waits patiently for tape-related needs to arise. Stock it with rolls of bulk tape up to 1500 inches long and 1/2 or 3/4 inches wide.

Your tape-wasting days will be over. Tape expenses will plummet, which is always a good thing in any economy.

Handy tape dispenser, complete with tape.
Handy tape dispenser, complete with tape.

Henkel 7307 Duck 1.88-Inch-by-22.2-Yard EZ Start Carton Sealing Tape with Dispenser

Here's an extremely handy tool that includes a cutter and a dispenser. You can hold your package closed with one hand and apply packing tape with the other. A two-person job easily becomes a one-person job. The other person can make coffee for the both of you.

Locating the tape end and peeling it free will become distant memories. As you and your coworker sip your coffee and admire your packing successes, you can negotiate who gets to drive to the shipping office and drop off your perfectly wrapped packages.

This tape is specially designed to resist UV (Ultraviolet) discoloration and cracking. If you leave yor packages out in the sun for days at a time, this is the product you need. It's also engineered to unravel from the spool quietly. You won't disturb dozing account managers and accountants as you do real work in the office. Nothing cold be more significant.

The Henkel Corporation is well known for such iconic brands as Purex, Dial, and Right Guard. Their lines of office supplies and home care products are used and trusted worldwide. They know how to make good stuff.


Look online for tape and tape-related products to make your life easier. Rolls of tape make great gifts for cubicle-bound friends and family.


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    • Alexander Mark profile image

      Alexander Silvius 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      When I buy packing tape with a dispenser (usually because I have no choice but to bend over to grab the rolls without the dispensers on the bottom of the shelf - what? What did you think I was gonna say?), I flip the roll around and break the tabs that just get in the way. Somehow, having a swath of tape sitting the other way around doesn't work for me - too easy.

      Who knew that an article about tape could be this interesting? Good job!

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I like those heavy tape dispensers because you can pull on the tape and cut it off with just one hand

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj: Thanks!

      @Peter Owen : tape with RFID?

      @Stan Fletcher : I'm as shocked as you are.

    • Stan Fletcher profile image

      Stan Fletcher 6 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I was hoping to find some polka dotted tape. I guess I'll have to keep looking.

    • Peter Owen profile image

      Peter Owen 6 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

      Maybe you could add how to stop fellow employees from stealing your tape deispenser adn stapler and everything else under the guise of "Can I just borrow it for a minute"

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      The invention of Scotch tape, nicomp, ranks right up there with penicillin, CAT scans and chocolate chip cookies. Happy Valentine's Day! :)