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Buying a home can be scary! Relax it's not that hard.

Updated on October 22, 2012

Make your experience buying a home a happy one!!!!

Buying a home can be scary. It is very confusing to a person with no experience. When I bought my house I was intimidated. Most of the process was completely foreign to me. I started doing a lot of research online which was helpful, but had its negatives too. If you use the internet to research mortgage lenders, be aware of entering your information into any sites. If you enter your information in to sites in hopes of finding a lender or guidance on the subject. You may end up with many different phone calls from companies that claim to be the right choice for you. I will tell you now that you should choose a lender or mortgage broker in your area. Local companies can be the easiest and most reliable because you can speak to them face to face. You will also be dealing with a lot of paper work that is easiest to bring to them yourself rather than faxing every little page.

When I bought my home I was contacted by a company who found my info online. This company tried to take advantage of my ignorance on the subject and I almost became a victim of a scam. I almost agreed to the faulty contract and would have been several thousand dollars in the hole right now. Thankfully I had a local guy look at the pre-approval and he pointed out several flaws in the contract. If you choose a local mortgage broker you will usually get the whole package. My broker referred me to an excellent real estate agent, and we found the perfect house for my price range. While I was looking for the right house with my real estate agent. My Broker set me up with a great FHA Loan at a low interest rate on a thirty year fixed. Between the Broker and the real estate agent that I chose, I hardly did anything.

If your buying a home for the first time and you don't know where to start. You can start by reading up on it. You can also ask friends and family for references for a broker and real estate agent. Remember don't start entering your information all over the internet. Once you have picked your mortgage broker and real estate agent you can listen to them and follow there instruction. If you do what they ask of you it will make your home buying process short and sweet. Remember if anything seems weird to you about the pre-approval, ask someone with experience to take a look at it for you. Good luck with your search and I hope you find your dream home.

Read up on the subject, and make the right decision when buying your first home.


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