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Buying a new vehicle

Updated on June 5, 2017

Car loans made easy

So you've found the vehicle you love – either in a car yard or on the internet – and now you just need to make that final step in paying for it. After hours of searching on the internet you still can't find the right advice or institution that suits your needs, and you've almost given up on the idea.

You need and want that car, so why can't you have it? You can, simply visit and view hundreds of financial institutions offering the exact service you require. is all about making the process so much easier, and offers a range of easy-to-use options that could see you driving away from the lot in your brand new vehicle in no time. We want that for you too, so we're ready to help you achieve it.

Often it can be difficult to read through the jargon, understand the interest rates and know what works for you as an individual. By visiting this easy-to-navigate website you are introduced to not only the top three finance providers recommended by our website such as Aqua Finance, SpringboardAuto and usbank, but hundreds of others simply by choosing the requirements to suit you.

You can check ratings, see reviews, and know what other Americans prefer as well.
All it takes is five minutes of your time, and you could be matched with finance within hours.

The eight step guide to owning your ride

1. Choose your maximum and minimum annual percentage rate and your desired loan rate

2. Decide on the maximum you are willing to pay in origination fees

3. Choose whether you're a standard buyer, or buying for the military

4. Choose your Credit Bureau Report such as Equifax, TransUnion, Experian or other

5. Choose your funding timeline – do you need your money in minutes, hours, the same day, within a week or within two to four weeks?

6. Check whether you prefer to get a loan with or without an origination fee, prepayment fee or pre-approved soft credit inquiry

7. Choose your loan type – are you after a lease purchase, refinance, a new car loan or a used car loan?

8. And finally, who do you want to be lent money from? A bank, credit union, direct lender, marketplace lender or other?

This will then bring up your finance options based on the information you have entered. All you need to do is contact your chosen lender and the hard work has all been done! You work directly with the finance company or lender, and they will help you to get that vehicle you always wished for.

And it's not just cars...

Lenders recommended by Auto Loan Area are not all lending to just those purchasing a new family car. You could be after a new business fleet, a contracting vehicle, digger, tractor, or that vintage motorcycle you've been eyeing up in the store for months. Each lender has its set terms and conditions, and the options are endless when it comes to what you use your money for. Whatever you decide, Auto Loan Area is proud to have extended a helping hand to make those dreams a reality.

What does AutoLoanArea get out of it?
By providing such a convenient service, you would expect to have to pay wouldn't you? You will be pleased to know it is free of charge to anyone looking to receive finance. Auto Loan Area uses a type of model which encourages performance-based advertising. This means our incentives are aligned with both you - the borrower, and the lender. If we offer useful recommendations which result in you saving money, we earn money. We have your best interests at heart, and it's only when you get handed the keys due to the tools we provide that we receive any monetary benefit.

For the vehicle enthusiast wanting to be kept up-to-date

AutoLoanArea is more than just a finance company review website, it's also a legitimate source of automotive news. From new models coming onto the market, to disputes within brands and hard, auto-related news, this website is your one-stop-shop for all things auto!

According to the Wall Street Journal and, the purchasing of work vehicles and SUVs (including vans, small, medium, large and luxury) are on the rise from this same period last year. The need for space in a personal and professional capacity is evident, and this means competitive finance is becoming more important than ever. You have to be smart with your money, and this means shopping around. Many people will waste too much time perusing the pages of search engines to find the best interest rate or the best choice, but armed with the right knowledge, they could have sealed the deal in quarter of that time.


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