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Bye bye Bubblews!

Updated on November 18, 2015

Write your world and get paid for it was the basic concept.

When Bubblews first began it was a place for writers to write their world and get paid for their efforts.

Co-Founded 3 years ago, by Arvind Dixit, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder and President of Bubblews, Jason Zuccari.

Six others worked on the site, including Tyler, Kevin and others. When Arvind left the site to pursue the likes of the Sweeble app. Tyler was left holding the site down by a thread as writers became more and more aware of the absence of a Bubblews management to the point that many simply left the site thinking there was no one there to respond to their inquiries about payouts and other subjects of concern.

The original concept of a writing site that pays writers for their contributing posts as a penny for your thoughts, so to speak, was never an issue. The revenue depended on the ads and in the last days of Bubblews, a like or a comment was evaluated at about .0001 cents each. That would put earning 50 dollars at nearly 12 months of writing an average of 10 or more posts a day.

Although many of us writers who remained didn't really care about coins for contributions, there was a community spirit taking place at that site. Many people who stayed the course were in constant daily contact with their loyal followers and they did in fact comment and like each post and gave their 2 cents worth of opinion on each subject by each writer they followed. On average each post generated 5 likes and sometimes over 20 comments.

It's not so much a matter of being abused or ignored by the Site owners of Bubblews. They actually did care about the writers there.

The numbers declined in daily revenue from the highest of nearly two million dollars or above based on site analysis and SEO and the Panda 4.0 algorithm within a year or more a level below the 200 thousand dollar mark. This information disturbed me as I checked out this information almost daily from January, 2015 to October until I decided to stop checking because doing so only made me more aware of the site's decline. The numbers of writers drastically dropped. The attitude of the writers went down from a basic wait and see approach to the site to maybe we need to cut our losses and move on to another site before things go south.

Without any advanced notice, faithful Bubblews writers just went online one day, getting ready to write their bubbles and read a few and comment on others, they read that very sad message as follows: "


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.


I was one of the few remaining loyal writers of this site. Now I am only glad that I had this experience at writing and making friends along the way and fortunately saving my articles in a word processing application so at least the majority of my posts will not be forever lost to the vacuum of a fallen site that once was revered by many writers from all over the world and like so many other writing sites, fell by the way, taking a toll on many but being remembered by a few who recall the earlier days of 1000 likes and being featured on the front page and being happy about earning a few pennies along the way.

Bubblews was truly a unique and enjoyable opportunity for me as an online writer and I am sure many other writers like myself indeed share my sentiments.

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I set at my computer thinking, "What do I write next?"

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