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CEO Wealth Facts: The Rich get Richer You Get... well Bend Over

Updated on September 12, 2015

Justification for CEO Compensation Not Required

According to Forbes Magazine the CEO’s of America’s 500 largest companies got a pay raise of 38% in 2007 collecting 7.5 Billion Dollars. Gee that’s only $15 million per CEO. Did somebody forget to tell these people that the economy is tanking? How do these people pay themselves such exorbitant sums when their businesses and the economy are sliding into oblivion? Well not every business tanked, but overall the trend was clearly downward, yet these executives just keep rewarding themselves regardless of performance.

Steve Jobs paid himself only $1, but exercised stock options for $647 million! Keep buying those iPhones! Seriously who is worth $647 million? Anyone? This is America a land of the poor and super rich. It’s just plain sick. Speaking of Sick... jobs had a liver transplant in the spring of 2009 so he had better spend it up soon. I wonder what kind of person he is... I don't know. But maybe it's time for a little philanthropy? And I’m sure there are those of you who think that it’s just great. The mentality that someday that will be you… and you’ll deserve it. Okay.

This is going to be the shortest article I’ve written so far. I’m reading in depth the amount of money these people are taking from their companies and it just makes me want to puke.

In my view it’s just plain wrong for people to take this kind of money out of any company while the workers toil and get next to nothing. It's one thing to make more when times are good and profits are flowing... but this is not the case. Even then Executive pay is excessive. This is one more reason why the existing system of capitalism is failing the American Public. It’s truly disgusting for a single person to swim in such excess while the average person is having trouble paying for basic survival needs like food and shelter.

Here is a list of Highest Paid CEO's from 2008 via the Huffington Report:

1. Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake Energy Corp., $112.5 million

2. Sanjay Jha, Motorola Inc., $104.4 million

3. Robert Iger, Walt Disney Co., $51.1 million

4. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., $42.9 million

5. Kenneth Chenault, American Express Co., $42.9 million

6. Vikram Pandit, Citigroup Inc., $38.2 million

7. Steven Farris, Apache Corp., $37.2 million

8. Louis Camilleri, Philip Morris International Inc., $36.9 million

9. Kevin Johnson, Juniper Networks Inc., $36.1 million

10. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., $35.7 million

American Express took $3.5 Billion from the Government Bailout fund and still paid Chenault… well he paid himself $42.9 million. That’s right pay yourself anything you want because the American Taxpayer is powerless to stop you. The Government just keeps stealing from the American Taxpayer and rewarding the wealthy.

Citigroup took $45 Billion from the Bailout Fund. No joke. How in the hell can a company that is bankrupt and only afloat because of the American Tax Payer pay their CEO $38.2 million?

“Over the past four quarters, the company has recorded close to $21 billion in losses.” Source:

JP Morgan Chase took $68 Billion from the Bailout fund. Which they have now repaid… but if you dig into how they turned enough profit to repay the “loan” you’ll find that they were owned money by other Giant Corporations that were flooded with Government cash… so it was only a paperwork shuffle.

And here is yet another compensation list…

Every list is different… but one constant remains the same. People are losing their jobs and CEO’s are taking more money from their companies even when those companies tank!

America is on the path to Bankruptcy thanks to GREED and Corruption … and at the center of it all is the Federal Reserve and the Fractional Reserve Banking System. The country is not going to ever recover from this current recession because the debt load is too high and built into the system. There is no way out for the Average American. All you have to do is educate yourself. Are you smart enough to do that? I don’t know… I don’t believe the average person is. Why? The average person doesn’t understand the Money Supply and how money is created from nothing. There is only 3% of actual real hard currency in existence in the money supply. The other 97% of “Money” is nothing more than numbers on computer screens.

This is why you can’t go to the bank and withdraw large sums of money. They don’t have the money? It doesn’t exist!

Declining Purchasing Power of the American Citizen

Your Wealth is Declining... Executive Compensation keeps rising? How can this be?
Your Wealth is Declining... Executive Compensation keeps rising? How can this be?


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  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Ben is delusional. To suggest that the "Rich" earn their money by following solid financial plans is laughable.

    You don't "earn" 40 million a year, you take it because you can take it. Nobody is doing anything that provides $40 million in value. Take the labor force out of these Corporations and see how much these CEO's will "Earn".

    I'm not talking about the guy who starts a business and works his entire life to get in the 6 figures category. Sure they work hard and earn it. But a guy like former Treasury Secretary Paulson who got $700 Million TAX FREE by taking the Treasury Secretary position didn't earn it. Nor did the Rockefellers or Rothschilds.

    To further suggest that "opportunity is staring them in the face" is further laughable. Where is the opportunity in Las Vegas genuis? I know people that are likely -10x more educated than this idiot Ben that do not have jobs.

    The poor are not leeches... the super wealthy are the leeches... leeching off the labors of the masses.

    There is no road to wealth though investment because the Ponzi Scheme that is the Federal Reserve makes sure that the dollar is so devalued that the "poor" can not ever get ahead.

    Where do these douche bags come from?

  • profile image

    Ben 6 years ago

    The rich get richer because they follow sound financial plans and most of the money they make comes from compound growth of money they already have.

    The average person who claims to "struggle" is generally lazy, selfish and greedy. Not the other way around. Millionaires boost living standards, the poor leech off it. The poor don't deserve sympathy though because opportunity is everywhere staring them in the face. All they need to do is cut down consumption, save money every pay day, buy and hold long term investments, and they will be on the road to wealth.

    The rich deserve what they earn, however we are in a society that supports laziness and one that doesn't understand the link between greed for consumption, ill-discipline for financial plans and the trap of the poverty cycle.

  • Will Apse profile image

    Will Apse 8 years ago

    I'm glad someone is publishing stuff like this. In western democracies wealth equals power. Gross inequality means democracy is hardly worth the name.

    Gross inequality is also the root cause of many social problems from high crime rates to early preventable deaths. Why do people allow it? Do they have no self respect? Do they enjoy bending over?

  • Storytellersrus profile image

    Barbara 8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

    This is an eye opener. Makes me ill, too. I read the numbers outloud and my husband nearly collapsed on the ground. Pardon my French, but this... stinks! I am thumbs upping this hub. Thanks for the sad news.