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WC Explore USA MB Unknown Charges

Updated on June 12, 2008

Never heard of 'WC Explore USA MB'?

If you have never heard of 'WC Explore USA MB' and have also been charged by them, then please read the information below. Also, if you have additional information please fill in the comments section below.

It appears quite a few people are being charged through either their credit card or bank account by a company called 'WC Explore USA MB'. On the charge it has the company name along with an 800# (800-475-1942).

When the individual calls the number, the announcement states the company is currently closed and gives the website of programstock(.)com. So the next logical step would be to go to the website. After going to website and emailing the owner of programstock(.)com, you are informed the owner has never heard of 'WC Explore USA MB'. Additionally he states he aquired the website in Sept 2007 and has never accepted credit cards or bank funds in any form. Additionally, he has heard from many individuals with the same issue for months. Some people are even getting billed month over month.

The owner of ProgramStock(.)com suggests to call either your bank or credit card company and file a report against the company to get your money back. It is also suggested to ask you financial establishment to make sure no future funds are taken out of your account from this company. It is also suggested to call the 800 number back at different hours of the day until someone answers the phone.

If this issue relates to you, please leave a comment below. If you have found resolution after reading this information, it is also asked that you come back and let everyone else know how to most effectively resolve the issue.

ProgramStock(.)com is in no way affiliated with 'WC Explore USA MB.'


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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      Great hub texeyes, like it!

    • profile image

      jmetts 6 years ago

      Got 2 charges for $29.95 that I didn't know anything about. When I signed up for People Finder they signed me up for WC MON BUDGET SAVERS. People Finder Gave me the number for a company called Quality Resource @ 866-343-6600. I've been on hold 2 times for 20+ minutes with a recording telling that they will be with me in 15 seconds. That 15 seconds never comes. An hour later, I am upset. I will call my bank and report this charge, I am also notifying the State Attorney's office. One of the numbers in texeyes and it was to a company in my home town Clearwater. I know the building where they are, I will follow up.

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      I just found two billings (beginning and ending of my credit card statement) for 29.95 each. I checked and found another in the month prior. The 1st & 2nd billings were under SEM Budget Savers with the 800-475-1942 number, but the 3rd was under WC MON Budget Savers Tom.Cavalli@smn. I tried calling the number Sunday night but they were closed and gave their internet "Program" to leave information. I called Monday night and they gave me the name of Membership Services.

      I asked several questions. I was told they would cancel me immediately. I told him I wanted a full refund. My 3 billings were 89.85 so I was told it was above his authorization but that he was sending me a refund request to fill out and return. I asked what authorization they had to bill my credit card. He said they keep all of the authorizations from internet, applications or phone recordings but his supervisor would have to provide me with that.

      She gets on and tells me it was from our home phone and that we were asked 3 different times and each time we responded with 'yes' and provided our card information. Bull...neither my husband or myself would have done that. I always refuse to talk to ANY solicitor. She couldn't tell me if it was supposed to have been me or my husband. I asked her to play it for me and she said I'd have to write to their office to get the proof. 5832 Lincoln Dr. Suite 302, Elina, Mn 55346.

      I was not comfortable I was going to get anywhere, so I looked on line and barely found this site. I was amazed the phone number from years ago is still current. With the information from this site and my own gut feeling, I contacted our card carrier. At first he was a little dismissive but after some checking on his part, being put on hold; he came right back and assured me all three charges would be removed and that I will not see anymore from them and wanted my cell number so they could contact me if necessary. I believe he found something about them but that he couldn't tell me what.

      The funny thing is, I estimate we were just coming home from a cruise/air/hotel/car rental vacation when they 'so called' spoke with my husband or me. Give or take 2 days. And yes, they had our home address too. Claimed to have mailed confirmations to us. I told them I never received anything from them...certainly no coupon books or anything.

      Thank you. Whomever heads up this site, thank you, ...and please add the 4 different company names they used with me, billings and over the phone; so others can find this information. I almost passed this until I noticed the phone number. They're still at it.

    • profile image

      Sheila 8 years ago

      I have been charged $16.95 monthly. I called the 800 number and was told that I had ordered it. They canceled my membership and I asked for a refund of what had been taken out of my bank account. They said they would send a form for me to fill out. I am going to ask the bank to refund my money.

    • texeyes profile image

      texeyes 8 years ago from Austin

      Ginny, please post what you find out. It will help others who are being scammed. Any advice would be helpful!

    • profile image

      ginny 8 years ago

      I just noticed I was charged $24.95 for 8/7/09 and 9/7/09. Looks like the fraud prices are rising...must be the cost of living. Thank you for all you comments. I received the same 800# and website info. I am going straight to my bank tomorrow morning to get this taken care of. Fortunately, i work for the Police Dept and will also talk to the Fraud unit Monday morning to see if they can intervene. Will update if successful in stopping these people.

    • profile image

      Carol 9 years ago

      I've been charged $16.95n for months! I reported it to my bank and they gave me 800.475.1942. Of course, there was no answer and they said to visit The strangest thing is my bank ATM/check card changed last month and they are still able to access unauthorized funds from my account!

    • profile image

      Barbie Weston 9 years ago

      please remove any and all charges made from your organization from my credit card. i made several calls to your organization to have my name remove from being charged by your organization. When speaking with several representatives about my account, I was informed that they were unabl;e to locate an account under the name or phone number given. This was transformed back Wednesday January 4, 2009, Thursday Jan 5, 2009 and Monday, Jan 9, 2009. Now I recieved two charges made from your organization.

    • profile image

      Sharon 9 years ago

      This just happened to me today as a matter of fact. I called the 1-800-475-1942 # and spoke to a girl she told me that if I bought something over the internet recently which I did Acai pills then I automatically was billed $16.95 a month in addition to my charges w/ life fit labs. I suggest anyone who has had this done to them print this page and take it to your asap

    • profile image

      Lyn 9 years ago

      It just happened to me today! My credit card company called to verify the charges--2 charges at $16.95.

      Thank you for this site. I couldn't figure out why the credit card company picked this particular transaction to question. Now I know.

    • profile image

      Rick 9 years ago

      The same thing happened to me on December 30th. however it was not wc explore they were wc*homepla, wc*budget wc*bargains and healthalli

      The Healthalli was $29.95. Homepla was $1.99 budget was $1.99 and bargains was $19.95.

      Called all the numbers on my bank statement for over a week and got nowhere.

      homepla,budget and bargains all refer to programstock(.)com healthalli recording says they are changing the web address name.

      Saturday January 24th . 2009 I went to my bank and told them about the charges and they are going to try and reverse the charges, I also had them cancel my bank card, a new bank card I will receive in about 2 weeks.

      I have contacted everyone that I use my card with and all but one confirms they do not share my information, the one that I can not get an answer from is Staples. I called my local Police department and they took a report and now I waiting for one of the detectives to call.

    • profile image

      Jess 9 years ago

      I recently had the same thing happen to me. I only dealt with it for two days then I called my bannk. They reversed the charges but the amount kept reoccuring. Finally I called back and they once again reversed the chargest but this time I filed a fraud report. I also cancelled my debit card because I refuse to allow them to keep doing this. The bank is working with me and I'm actually filing a police report. Who knows if it'll get me anywhere, but the bank mentioned that if they are found, it is basis for a law suit. Regardless if I take it this far or not, I think that it's worth trying to get to caught and shut down.

    • profile image

      john 9 years ago

      Smae thing this is a BS company pinging your bank account or credit card. Your credit card company will only go back so far but file a fraud investigation with them and get a new credit card number.

    • profile image

      pissed 9 years ago

      i was contacted today 8/30/08 by a phone number of 866-280-4252. i talked to them and they were telling me that i had purchased something online which had somehow signed me up for some membership for something. they would not tell me what i had purchased. when i asked them what company they told me i just can't remember. they transferred me to someone else who in turn was trying to get me to type into the phone my birthdate to confirm something, they said they were trying to confirm my identity so they could send me gas vouchers? i told them i wasn't agreeing to anything and was not going to do that and that i wanted to cancel anything i had sighned up for, he became a little rude so i hung up on him. when i called the number theygave me to cancel, i got the programs stock bullshit. has nothing to do wiith these people though. i called back the number that called me 8662804245 and a recording picked up and gave me another customer service number to call which is 866 434 6600. when you call that number another recording picks up, the company being called quality resources. after a bit of research i got 2 other phone numbers 7277120382(quality resources) // 727-712-2221 kristi wrallings voice mail, whoever the fuck that is but i couldn't help but notice the girls voice sound just like the one u get when you call 800 475 1942 and the one u get when u call8662804245. so i called 866 280 4245 and requested through thier recording options for them to call me back. if they return my call i will ask more questions about them and get some more information, if that happens ill be sure to post it

    • texeyes profile image

      texeyes 10 years ago from Austin

      Thank everyone for commenting and sharing experiences. Please come back after either you hear back from this fraudulent company or you get your money back. We are all excited to hear the results.

    • profile image

      Rita 10 years ago

      this crap is fraud how the hell did this happen

    • profile image

      Nona 10 years ago

      I too have gotten these charges as well as referral to programstock,com. Never got a person, ever!!! I am disputing this with my bank. Thanks for this.

    • profile image

      Cynthia F. 10 years ago

      Hi, I just found the same charges for $19.95 on my bank statement. I am currently disputing the charges that are on 3/10, 4/8, and 5/8 2008. I called the 800-475-1942 and got referred to I will try calling this week to find out what is going on. THIS SUCKS!!!

    • profile image

      cynthia 10 years ago

      I just found out they was chargig me19.95 sometime twice a month on the 7th and 20th. I BEEN BILLED THIS SINCE mARCH O7. i CALL MY BANK BUT THEY WILL ONLY HELP WITH 3 MONTHS. I called the 800 number they say the with sent me a form and to visit .wish us luck!

    • profile image

      Darrell 10 years ago

      The billing party on my account was Homeplay-v but the 800 number was the same and I got the same message that they are currently closed and to call back during business hours or go to their website.

    • profile image

      Darrell 10 years ago

      Just found out my account was debited for 19.95 when my balance was approximately 10.00. So now I will have a Service Charge to pay in the amount of 33.00. Being on social security, I cannot afford this. We bought some Stickup Bulbs and telebrands came up on the debit. I will go to my bank and give them the info. Hopefully they will be able to help. Thank you for the information.

    • profile image

      Dean 10 years ago

      This is unreal. They started with me about 2 weeks ago by mail and by phone and now I found this 16.95 charge on my bank account. It is all related to travel.. and Of course its fishy.. these people should rot in hell.

    • profile image

      Naomi 10 years ago

      I just found the charge on my card and then this website. I called the number and spoke to someone in membership services. I asked what the company was and was told that all he handled was cancellations. I work at an internet company and would never advertise the cancellation number as the first point of contact. Sounds fishy to me. However I did get through (approx. 6 pm CST) and cancelled my subscription (to my discount package for travel packages)and he said it would be credited in 3-5 days and he would send me an email confirmation within 48 hours. For anyone else who was charged, they also have your full name and physical address.

    • profile image

      Kevin Abrehart 10 years ago

      So all I have to do is tell my bank it was a fraudulent charge and they will credit my account the amount of the charge? Thanks, Kevin

    • profile image

      Blake S. 10 years ago

      I don't know why I am getting charged $16.95 in January and February 2008 from WC Explore USA MB R.V. (800-475-1942) and from Telebrands International (800-777-4XXXX).$9.99 charge in January and February 2008. It seems like I got these charges shortly after I bought the GTXpress 101 over the Internet.

    • texeyes profile image

      texeyes 10 years ago from Austin

      Ginger, This is great information. Can you tell us if your bank found out who was making the charge and why and how the charges started?

    • profile image

      Ginger 10 years ago

      I have the charge of $16.95 from my checking acct for the past 5 months... I reported it to my bank and I received 4 months payment back... I'll need to report the Jan. payment and I'll get that one back too... All you need to do is REPORT it to your bank as FRAUD... They will pay you back after a few weeks... GINGER


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