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Protect Your CIBC Online Banking Login Information Like Chuck Norris

Updated on May 3, 2011

Online Banking is a Double Edged Sword

Welcome to another article in my new series concerning online security. This one is for CIBC online banking customers in Canada but these tips can be used by anyone to protect their online banking information from prying eyes

We all know that internet banking and financial services have made our lives easier. No longer do we have to wait in long lines during inconvenient banking hours to get our work done. For most routine work such as checking our balance, applying for credit and making payments, we can simply logon to our bank’s website from home.But just like many modern conveniences, online banking is a double edged sword.

In this article, I will give you some simple tips to make your online banking experience significantly safer.

CIBC Online Security Guarantee

CIBC provides a specific online security guarantee to all their customers which includes 100% account reimbursement in the event of unauthorized account access. It is the customers responsibility to meet all online safety requirements and review all safety regulations provided by CIBC.

CIBC uses the following layers of protection to keep customers safe -

  1. 128 Bit browser encryption support in order to protect information as it travels from your browser to their servers.
  2. Firewalls to help protect their systems from attacks
  3. Online Monitoring to spot unusual account activity.

Remember to review the CIBC Online Security Page to get full information about their regulations and also to get site specific tips to keep your accounts safe and secure

Protect Your CIBC Online Banking Login

My sister was recently a victim of identity theft. I helped her get through it and I want to help others avoid it. My sister's account details were stolen after someone went through her trash and collected her bank statements a few years ago.

She used to throw out her statements in the trash without even bothering to tear them in two (yes, there are people like that in the world). Anyway, it was bound to happen, someone stole her information and applied for a credit card under her name and let me tell you, it was a nightmare.

So if you have car loans, home loans, mortgage loans, credit cards or online bank accounts, whether you are a CIBC Online Banking Customer or not, please read carefully –

Important Tips

  • Store or Shred Your Statements - You can either store your statements, receipts etc in a very safe location or if you want to get rid of them then you must shred them. These days you can get a cross shredder that is excellent for this purpose
  • Cut up Your Old Credit Cards and Debit Cards – Yup Cut them up good. They may be expired but con artists can use even a little bit of dated information about you to their advantage.
  • Monitor Your Account Activity - You should check all your accounts online at least once a week. I do it twice a week to be sure and I know some people who check every day but that might be a little obsessive. Once a week is plenty.
  • Get and Maintain a Good Anti virus Software and Personal Firewall - One of the easiest ways for a hacker to get hold of your information is not from your bank but from your very own computer. That is why it is so important to have a good anti-virus suite installed on your computer. I recommend Kaspersky or Norton.

Follow these simple tips and your CIBC online banking information will remain safe. Also, never access your bank account from a computer that is not your own. That is the easiest way for someone to steal your password and they don’t even have to be in the vicinity to do so. So be safe and bank happy!


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