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CR Area Store Internet Coupons

Updated on February 15, 2012

Internet coupons

Some of the heavy duty coupon clippers actually carry store coupon policies with them.  While I haven't done that yet, I do think it is good to be informed on what the actual policies are and how stores are reacting to the trend to get coupons online.  Here's what I know on some of the local stores...

Dollar General

I haven't been here in a while but have often found some ok deals when I do go. They now have their own printable coupons which can be combined with manufacturer coupons to score some decent deals.

Here is the link to their address:


Policy address:

Fareway says on their website that they accept online coupons. This was apparently not true about a year ago as I rolled up with my fistful of printed off coupons and was turned down. I called the 16th ave CR store to verify the web information and they said that they took them so long as they look reasonable (no freebies but BOGO's are ok).

I've used a couple and can verify that the 16 avenue Fareway is accepting internet printables.


I have been unsuccessful at tracking down an "official" policy on coupons at KMart and don't have much experience shopping there.  But given that they have printable manufacturer coupons on their website and that they are starting doubler events with your rewards card, I wouldn't anticipate too much of a hassle.



I have never had a problem with Target accepting any of my coupons.  As a matter of fact they post several of their own and manufacturer coupons on their website.  YAY!!!



I haven't shopped at Walgreens a lot but have used printable coupons there on the few occasions I have gone.  Additionally with their register rewards, store coupons and the ability to layer store with manufacturer coupons, there are plenty of deals to be had.



I used to have an easy time with coupons at WalMart.  Not quite so simple now.  On my last visit to the Westdale side WalMart, the cashier had to call her supervisor over to ok almost all of them.  I didn't have any that weren't accepted but definitely a pain.  Apparently they had been having trouble with fakes.

Additionally, some WalMarts elsewhere have reportedly accepted competitors coupons.  That would make for some terrific deals.  I tried using some Target coupons at the Westdale side and was told they will accept any competitors coupons...  EXCEPT Target. 

I may try the Blairs Ferry and Marion Walmart at some point to see if I get the same results.  It has always seemed to me that South WalMart has always been a bit less friendly.  For those that don't shop there, they actually check your receipt if you have ANYTHING not in a bag.  Including pop and diapers.  Quite irritating if you've already put your receipt away.


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