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Credit Cards Costs Are Rising Eating up Your Money!!!

Updated on August 4, 2017
Spend your money here!
Spend your money here!


Who created the credit reporting companies? Probably the same crooks that are in control of the banking and credit card industry. I do not want "people" watching my spending, what I buy, where I buy it and how I use it.

The credit reporting companies are tracking device companies. People with bad lousy credit will be wiped clean in 7 years. That is correct, 7 years from the date of charge off, or from the last day you made any payment. Some companies pay for you just to keep themselves visible. Then you will revert to A1 credit and get the massive amount of mail out offers. Tell me why inquiries post against your credit score, yet it is the credit reporting agency that allows them to pull your credit report without your permission.

The Banks have become blood sucking creatures let out of the swamps. Leaches, clinging to your wallet and sucking the money right out. They pay you the customer nothing, and if they do pay a interest rate it is so low you can hardly see it on the statements.

Yet they have a panel of real sharp crooks, thinking up new ways to cheat you out of your money, that you give them to protect. I say the hell with them. Protect your own money.

Chase is At It Again!

I saw on the news tonight, that Chase credit card companies are at it again before the new law comes into effect February of 2010. No surprise to me, I used to work for them and they are not nice.

A customer just got his credit card bill, and his monthly payment tripled to over $ 900.00 per month. If you calculated the $900.00 payment by the number of months to February, I would bet that he would be paid off or close to it before the new law takes effect. That is a common trick of the credit card companies.

Most people can not pay the tripled amount, and will go into default. That will give Chase the 30 percent or higher interest rate charge, they will request.

Credit Card Default

Default is a sad day for many of us, and I cry every time I receive a bill I can not pay. Not! I tried to have a conversation with these companies and all I got was too bad for you, a higher interest rate, or they would not speak to me. I stopped paying all of them!

Anyway in case of Default, know one thing. Chase has a automatic phone system that will call your number every 5 minutes all day and into the night. Change the number and have it unlisted. Never pay their collection agencies, most are frauds.

If the time comes and you are served by a Credit Card Company, do not be afraid. Answer them by mailing them a produce the document legal letter. You can find the copies online. What you are asking is to see the original signed credit card agreement, because in the papers they sent you, you will only see copies of a few statements. You need to be sure that the Credit Card Company really is entitled to the debt owed.

The Banks and Credit Card companies have sold off many of the accounts to foreign investors, in bulk packaging, and have sold shares of peoples debts to many different people.

These bright companies have no idea who is actually the holder of anything, they just like to collect. A borrower needs to know where their money is going and who is it paying?

No one will help you but yourself. You need to be educated. I have done all my own legal research and have created nice big stumbling blocks in their way!

All of it will work, Did you know if your liabilities exceed your assets then you are considered insolvent. Being insolvent insulates you from judgments. Really easy, you are just telling the truth.

Society wants you to believe that you must have a good credit report and behave the way they want you to behave, and give the Banks all your money, and they give you nothing in return. They will use you to make you pay more on your money that you lent them.

Does that make sense? No it does not, it is brainwashing pure and simple.

So, you can stop your foreclosure, with produce the note, the same original note that was given to MERS INC to protect was sliced up in pieces and sold to many other people. The note is gone. Do not give your house to them also, they already made the money on the loan, they are double dipping. We were brainwashed!

Fight your way out make it hard for them!


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