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Does the Bank of Canada owe you?

Updated on July 31, 2008

Here it is . . . Short and Sweet

If you are a Canadian and have wondered if the Bank of Canada has money in your name, being held for you, then you can search for it.

You can also search for past / deceased members of your family to see if you may be able to claim for their estate.

Now, if you search out your name and find something, you can always come back here an give me a buck or two. Hey, just use a click or something. No cost for this link. If there is one thing I really disapprove of is a Banking institution with holding funds. Just because they would rather leave these hundreds of thousands in a dormant account and use the money for their own gains then to search out the person that deserves the money or an heir.

Personally, I was introduced to this by my brother-in-law who heard about it from a friend who actually had money sent to him.

After searching my name, I did not find myself nor did I find any living relative with my last name. I decided to use all of the names in my family tree. Including a few friends. Once I used my mothers maiden name, I found a name that I recognized. I was so excited to tell my cousin that he had a whopping $16.48 available to him. I printed the sheet out for him and took it with me when I told him. He filled out the sheet and the money was sent to him. ( It took awhile, but he did get it ) I know, it was a whopping $16.48 but, it was his. The bank is not going to go find you. You need to look it up.

Don't forget to check for your friends names too. Then if you find a name you know, let them know. Print it out for them.

Good luck.

Leave a comment if you used the search and found money in your family name.

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