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Can You Make Money With Weegy?

Updated on July 23, 2012

What is Weegy?

Weegy is a search engine that attempts to answer questions that customers put to it by using the information it has collected over time. Weegy grows more intelligent every day, but it still currently gets lots of answers wrong. this is where you come in.

Weegy Experts

Weegy experts are real people who are on hand to answer any questions that Weegy can't. There are lots of Weegy experts, so at certain times of the day, you may not get much to do.

Becoming a Weegy expert is simple. Create a Weegy account and fill in the details needed to become an expert. The site gives you space to state any areas you are particularly knowledgeable about and any qualifications you have.

Once your application has been approved and your account is set up, click on the expert tab and wait.

How do I Answer Questions?

If you are the first available Weegy expert online when a customer asks a question, you will get a pop up box with the question in, asking if you want to accept or not accept. You only have 15 seconds to pick up a question if it is offered, so keep the sound up on your computer if you have Weegy on in the background. You will then be alerted with a ding and can change tab to see the question.

If you don't know the answer straight away but think you would be able to find it quickly, use a search engine to do some research before providing your answer. Type it in the box provided and hit send.

If you accept a question but can't answer it, simply select the option to pass to another expert in the drop-down menu.

How Much Can I Earn?

Weegy experts are paid 20 cents per question answered on average. Depending on the accuracy and level of detail of your answer, you may be paid less. If another expert asks a question, you will not be paid but will increase your rating score.

If you spend hours on Weegy and have it in the background when you're doing other tasks, you could earn yourself a nice little bit of extra cash.

There are also monthly competitions where experts with the highest 3 monthly point scores can earn a cash prize.

Referring people to Weegy is another way to earn a bit extra, and you will be provided with a referral link that you can distribute to friends.

If you get a good reputation, paying customers can ask for you through the Weegy Ressearch or Weegy Pro programs. These services pay answering experts a bit more.

You won't earn hundreds a month on Weegy, but some people earn around $80 a month with regular use.

Does Weegy Really Pay?

Weegy does really pay. They payout via Paypal once a month if you have reached the minimum monthly payout amount of $20 by the cut-off date. You get charged a small fee by Paypal, but end up with most of the money that you earned.

I have received a couple of payouts from Weegy, but I only really use it to kill a bit of time. If you use it more, you will earn more.

Being an Expert is Fun!

Being a Weegy expert is a fun way to earn a bit of extra money by answering people's random questions. Enjoy your time on the site and happy researching.


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    • Anniething profile image

      Theodora 3 years ago from Greece

      do you also get paid to post a question?

      are there similar sites like weegy but who also pays to ask questions? or is only pay per answer?

    • profile image

      moderator 3 years ago

      Simple solution if you don't want your answers flagged is to give correct answers! Moderators are human beings doing their jobs. If they were indeed flagging correct answers just to get points they would have been banned long ago. Grow up and do the job properly. It is not a charity site, you need to EARN the money.

    • profile image

      beth 3 years ago

      I totally agree with Joker241, I am using weegy and moderators are very unfair they will flag you wrong and then post another answer so the credit will be theirs. and they will flag you just to get points.they will give you warnings, If you receive 3 warnings you will get banned.i hate all of them. If they notice you are doing good and getting good ratings they will put you in their watch list.they are mean.

    • mothsong profile image

      mothsong 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't use it enough to notice any of the flagging stuff you've pointed out. I do know that it comes up with the names of flaggers now. Can you complain to the support team about moderaters if they flag correct answers?

    • profile image

      Joker241 4 years ago

      Will not encourage anyone to join. A lot of Moderators (visible on the rights side of the page) are bullies. They flag your "wrong" answers but who are they to say that it is wrong. Not everything you find in the internet is correct. They will say your answer is wrong if they find an answer that is contrary to yours. Try working hard to get lot of positive ratings and get a lot of points, then you'll notice an increase in your flagged answers. Why? They want to be the winners of the contest of course. That points contest is a joke! Check who wins every month and you'll know what I mean. When they flag and put comments they actually get a point. So what do you expect? They'll rack up points by flagging other "experts" who just want to earn. When you do something about it, they give you a warning. The FAIR thing to do is NOT TO include Moderators in the points contest. This site is a joke!

    • chavelle profile image

      Chavelle Ann-Marie Murray 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks I will look into it.

    • mothsong profile image

      mothsong 5 years ago

      Yeah, but it takes seconds to answer most, and as you become more established, people may choose to consult with you in particular, and you can up your rate to what you like, I believe. Just have it on in the background. You won't get loads per month, but it all adds up.

    • chavelle profile image

      Chavelle Ann-Marie Murray 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for the advice, but can you imagine, I still have to answer about 100 questions to make $20?!