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Can You Really Earn Money on the Internet?

Updated on April 27, 2014

Making Money Online

Today, more and more people are turning to the Internet looking for online jobs and businesses ideas. It is very important to get acquainted with legitimate ways to earn money online. There are literally an endless array of blogs, websites, and other resources on the Internet where you can find information about online freelance jobs, online businesses, and especially how to make money online. But, a lot of scams are out there too looking for your money. Always keep in mind, you do not need to spend money to work freelance or start an online business. You might need to buy a domain name, hosting service, and marketing software programmes, and pay for other materials or resources though if you are starting out a blog or website or online store.

You can make money online in two ways broadly speaking. Firstly, you can work for others by taking on a freelance job or more online, and secondly, you can start a home based business or more online. Freelance jobs are also essentially freelance businesses. Freelancers are self-employed and work as independent contractors, so when they take on freelance jobs, they basically work adhering to their own schedule. They work as and when they want to, take breaks at their own will, and choose where they want to work from and how.

You might also need to pay a little bit of money to access more jobs on certain freelancing websites and other places online, but generally 99% online jobs and businesses do not require you to spend any money on. So, stay clear of individuals and companies online that ask for money upfront to join a money-making course or sign up with a "get rich quick" type of schemes or projects. The Internet is full of numerous legitimate online jobs and businesses. You need to do a little bit of research by reading articles, blog posts, forum posts, and other content online to learn about different aspects of jobs and businesses available online. Once you educate yourself enough about making money online, you can explore different options to earn money on the Internet.

Different Ways to Make Money Online

If you are willing to learn, share with others, and work hard by putting some effort and quality time in whatever job or business you start, you can really make money online. There are many ways you can earn some extra money on the side or even earn an income. If you have at least a marketable skill, you can use it to make money online. Can you offer a service to individuals or businesses? Do you have a product to sell online? Can you write engaging content to persuade your targeted audience or readers to buy something, such as a product or service from you or others you are working with as an affiliate marketer?

May be you have a way with words and can write helpful content around a topic or more that solve problems of many people. If you can then you can start out a blog or website and start writing blog posts or articles. Once you gain a large following you can monetise your blog or website using various monetisation methods. You can also freelance blog or write for other bloggers and webmasters who are in need of fresh content always.

You can bid on writing jobs posted online at freelance bidding websites by clients and if they accept your bid you get to write for them and then if they approve your content you will get paid. You can also write for revenue sharing websites, such as HubPages, and earn passive income forever or at least as long as your content is published online and the websites actually want to pay you.

There are many legitimate survey companies or marketing companies that will pay you to take paid online surveys. Join the ones that have earned reputation and credibility to earn some extra cash from time to time by filling out online forms, answering short questions, or doing similar things online these companies require you to do.

Can you design web pages or websites? If you are good at web design work, you can find many jobs in this field and earn handsome amount of money. You can work as a virtual assistant to provide administrative support to individuals or businesses online. Virtual assistants can also offer varied services and perform varied jobs, including providing customer services, designing a blog or website, writing emails, press releases, or web content, articles, and more, and providing a whole lot of other tasks and services.

Bottom Lines

It is possible to earn money on the Internet if you have at least a skill that you can use to perform a task or start a businesses online. If you can perform multiple tasks and offer multiple services, your earnings will be higher. May be you have a product to sell or a service to offer. There is a huge demand for professionals and part-timers with various skills to perform a wide range of freelance jobs and services online. You can easily fit in a job or more and earn money on the Internet. You need to be determined, dedicated and willing to help others (i.e., your customers and prospects). Many people are earning an income online by doing jobs or businesses online, or using a combination of both.

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