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Can you really make money blogging?

Updated on August 14, 2016

Regarding doubts when blogging for money

I can understand if people are doubting the potential with making money through their blogs, because there are so many bloggers out there. Quite often you hear about very successful bloggers that claims to make 5 or 6 figures from their blog. But can this really be true? If you keep on reading I will provide you with answers to this question.

It could be possible

6 figures?

Making 6 figures from a blog could maybe be possible but it will not be easy. In order to make any money at all from a blog you need traffic and people that are interested in what you are sharing at your blog. You need to share quality content at alll times at your blog and share great value with your readers. Try to find out what your readers are struggling with in their marketing efforts, and if they ask for a solution to their problems,welll then deliver it to them. Going back to making 6 figures now from a blog, to do that you need to have a big group of followers and therefore also having a lot of traffic to your blog. You also have to share the benefits with product that are really valuable for your readers. beyond that you of course need skills with closing sales as well.

Blog as a marketing tool

Many people are blogging to make money and therefore using a blog is very beneficial,because it is an low cost marketing tool. Your blog will promote around the clock for you ,as long as you have a lot of quality content at your blog. More and more people and even businesses are starting to blog,because they realize that they can reach a big audience with their blogging, all around the world.A person with good blogging skills that knows how to get peoples attention and how to drive traffic to the blog as well as skills to cclose sales, can in fact make a lot of money blogging.


The need of consistency

If you have as a goal to make money from a blog then it is important that you are consistent and blog regularly. You need to post new content at least 3-4 times a week in order to generate results.You also need to search enfine optimize your content. this because the higher your content ends up in the search results,m the more traffic and exposure you will get for your blog.

Consistensy are the key to success.
Consistensy are the key to success.


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