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Protect Your Capital One Login for Online Banking

Updated on January 26, 2011

Capital One Login is Sensitive Information

I have been writing some articles on security tips for lay people. This article will focus on people who use their Capital One Login to access Capital One Online Banking Features. Like I have mentioned in previous articles of this nature, I was moved to do a series on tips and advice on how to protect your login information after my sister had her identity stolen which ended in massive overdraft fees, bills and a whole lot of hassles that you really don’t need in your life. So this article is for people who use their Capital One Login for Online Banking.

Capital One is a wonderful company and has recently bought a few banks that now come under the Capital One name. They are both a strong banking as well as credit card name. Capital One has become a household name when it comes to credit cards because of their very effective marketing campaign, but they are also a bank and like most other banks in America, you can use your Capital One Login to access a variety of Capital One Online Banking Features.

Capital One Online Banking

I have always been careful online. With my internet passwords, bank, email and credit card information, I have always been wary and cautious. But I took it for granted that everyone was like me until I heard about what happened to my sister. I know people who throw out their bank statements without even shredding them. To me, that is unbelievable but there are people like that and this article is for them whether they have a Capital One Login or use Capital One Online Banking or if they are just reading as clients of other banks, it all applies!

Important Tips

  • Shred it or File it!  - When you get your bank statements in the mail or if you get them in your email and print them, then you should file them. Put them in a separate file and keep that file in a safe and secure location. Credit Card bills? File them too! If you have statements and other financial documents that have been gathering dust for years and you want to throw them out, go out and buy a cheap paper shredder. Shred them all and then chuck them.
  • Be Careful of Email – if you get your bank statements in your email, then please don’t access you email at a public computer! If it gets hacked then all your information will leak. So please be careful. Do not use a public computer for any purpose that requires you to enter a password.
  • Don’t Send Your Password To Anyone – Someone from the bank called you on the phone and wants your Capital One Login information? Sorry! No Dice. Do not share this info with anyone especially if they are calling you.

So that’s it guys, I know this is kind of basic and everyone should know this already but you will be surprised how many people don’t. Be Safe and Bank Safe!


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    • Pixienot profile image

      Pixienot 6 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      good stuff!