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Car Insurance Shopping: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Updated on January 15, 2013

Car owners who have decided to buy auto insurance often commit mistakes that result to higher premiums and less coverage. If you are presently shopping for this insurance, then you need to become aware of these mistakes so you can easily avoid them. Here are five of the most common car insurance shopping mistakes that you need to be aware of:

1. Failing to shop comprehensively. You need to shop around for quotes since not all insurers are created equal. Remember that there are insurance companies that offer discounts, but you will have to endure their lousy services. There are also those that offer excellent services but you need to stretch out your budget to take advantage of all these. Because of this, you really need to spend time evaluating your choices and picking one which really suits your needs and requirements. Look for a policy which offers the level of protection and comfort that you need. A wise tip is to contact or personally visit numerous insurance companies. You may also seek the help of reliable insurance brokers who are capable of recommending the most suitable policy for you. Getting quotes online is also more convenient.

2. Not buying adequate coverage. While it is tempting to get a policy with minimum coverage since this will allow you to save money, this might cause you to deal with regrets in the future, especially after dealing with an expensive accident with personal liability involved. Spend time assessing what are covered on the policies offered to you. This will allow you to pick one which can keep you safe. You also need to stick to the minimum coverage recommended by your broker or agent.

3. Failing to make timely insurance premiums payment. Remember that if you were not able to pay your premiums on time, then it is greatly possible that your policy will be canceled. In most cases, you will receive a notice regarding your past due premiums in your mail but you should avoid fully relying on this. Failing to pay your premiums will not only result to the cancellation of your policy. It may also cause you to experience difficulty finding another insurance since your records will already contain the canceled policy. A wise tip in making sure that your premiums are always paid on time is to set up your bank account for preauthorized withdrawals.

4. Not familiarizing yourself about your chosen policy. This is a mistake that you should avoid committing since this will result to regrets and frustration in the future. You need to become aware of the things that are covered in your policy so you do not need to make assumptions. If you know everything about the policy, then you will be able to decide if it is right for you.

5. Not researching about the company’s reputation. If you want to make sure that you get the best coverage, then you have to look for an insurance company with excellent reputation. This will prevent you from sacrificing customer service and from dealing with an insurer who offers unreasonable damage estimates and forces you to spend more on replacement parts. Spend time investigating the insurer’s reputation and all the details of the policy so you will know if it perfectly works for you.


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