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Car Insurance for Teenagers -- Some Ways of Lowering the Premiums

Updated on September 2, 2011
if you don't want your car to get into this shape, sign up for a car insurance policy right away. don't wait!
if you don't want your car to get into this shape, sign up for a car insurance policy right away. don't wait!

If you have teenagers in your household, there are often things you will have to be concerned about. One of these things is a car insurance for teenagers. It is often the case that, over time, your teenage children will ask for you to buy them a car that they can drive to school. Well, if you find yourself capable of affording it, chances are you will buy one with pleasure for your beloved teenagers.

Unfortunately, however, this often results in their getting involved in such an accident as a car crash. When such a thing takes place, you, as a parent and as the person who bought them their car, will have to take great responsibility. Moreover, if your teenage children are convicted guilty of the car crash, you will even have to be held liable for the losses of the other parties involved in the car crash. As you know, the numbers you will have to pay in this case are often pretty major.

Now, this is when the car insurance for teenagers comes in very handy. If you have managed to sign your teenage children up with their own insurance policy, you won't have to bother about the costs incurred in the car crash. It is the insurance company that will take care of all the losses experienced by you and the other parties involved in the accident. However, you may have to pay quite a considerable amount of premiums when you sign your teenage children up with their policies.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower the premiums you are obliged to pay. To start it off, you can recommend a considerably safe car to your teenage children. This will lower the premiums of their car insurance policies because the insurance company considers that the car is not quite likely to go fast or get involved in an accident. You should guide your teenage children so that they refrain from buying a fast or a sports car. These kinds of cars are considered to be high risks by most of the insurance companies available out there.

Then, the next thing that can lower the premiums of car insurance for teenagers is if the teenagers in your household manage to get good scores in their study at school or university. Those that achieve high grades or GPA's will be eligible for pretty attractive deals from most insurers. This is because the insurers consider such children '" who are so obedient in their study '" are less likely to be risky.

The next thing that can lower the teenage car insurance premiums as well is if the teenagers take driving classes. These driving classes guide the teenagers and show them how they can drive safely and responsibly on the road. As a result, the teenage drivers are less likely to drive recklessly and are less likely to either cause or get involved in an accident.


So, after all being said, motor insurance for your teenage children is not necessarily expensive after all. In fact, it can be fairly affordable as long as your teenage children make sure they comply to the requirements or preferences of the car insurance service provider.


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