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Car boot sale tips for sellers

Updated on March 16, 2013

Besides helping the environment and contributing to recycling, car boot sales can be a great opportunity to turn your unwanted items into cash. However, a successful car boot sale requires a certain amount of preparation and planning.

Sort and Group Items - Days before the car boot sale, it is important to sort out the items for sale. Before placing into separate bags try to group like with like to make it easier to find the items when you are unpacking. It would also make sense to group according to prices or sizes especially if they items that may confuse you like clothes. Car boot sales are for rock bottom prices so anything that could be sold on ebay will probably fetch more there then it would at a car boot sale. If you are unsure on what would sell on ebay you may want to check out How to Find Things to Sell on Ebay.

Wash and Clean Items - Clothing that looks and smells clean is more likely to sell then a lot of musky smelling crinkled clothing that has been stored at the back of the wardrobe for a few years! Ideally, try to give clothing a good wash and soak in fabric softener before taking to the car boot sale. A quick iron wouldn't do any harm either.

Price Items - Pricing your items will help you on the day. For one thing, you will avoid repeating the same prices over and over again and secondly it would keep the shy buyer informed of the price. When pricing your items remember that most people will try and haggle so keep some room for that! On the other hand remember that there is nothing more annoying then packing up after a car boot sale and if a one time gig is all you are after, price your items to sell. Professional evaluation is recommended if you are selling some antiques, collectables or items whose value is unknown.

Display - Display and presentation is all important. Not everyone has the patience or strength to rummage through piles of unsorted clothing on the floor. Think of taking a rail and hangers for better display. You may also wish to take a table since this would place items at eye level making them more convenient to look at and handle.

Help your buyers - Interacting with your buyers goes a long way in increasing your sales. Offer to help them out and ask what they are looking for. You may be able to provide them with items they would have most likely missed.

Be Prepared - Be prepared for the car boot sale. Take small change in a pouch (know how much you started off with so you can calculate your profits) because making change and dealing with various clients at the same time may be hard. Take bags for your buyers, and be prepared for the weather. Take waterproof sheeting if you are expecting rain, that way you can just cover up your wares if it showers. Take a cap to protect your head from sunlight and if you have space left in the car, some coffee and snacks will surely turn out to be handy!

Attract Attention - Try to attract the attention of the buyers. Maybe some music? Maybe hang some balloons around your car especially if you are selling children's items? Maybe some freebies for buyers! A bowl of sweets! Whatever! Something that will get them to your car boot!

At the end of the car boot sale its time to pack and evaluate, dropping the rest of the stuff off to a local charity shop will be a great way of recycling what is left.


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    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 4 years ago from Europe

      Hi John. Thanks for your comments. A yard sale make things a lot more convenient and easy for the seller! However, a car boot sale usually ensures a larger crowd of potential buyers.

    • John MacNab profile image

      John MacNab 4 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

      Some excellent advice here kikalina. It's a long time since I was at a car boot sale, but over here in Canada they have yard sales. Same idea except the buyer comes to you.