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Car title loans

Updated on August 17, 2016

What is a car title loan? It’s a loan given to you based on the value of your car. There are differences between different companies, but with Daly City you get the entire positive with no negative. With us, the loan is based solely on your car. That means, whether you qualify and the amount of the loan both hinge on the value of your car.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We do everything we can to make sure a loan isn’t something you have to concern yourself with. Apply online, talk to us on the phone for a bit, and pick up your money. Its a few easy steps. Get in and get out, so to speak.

To get started fill out our short application we have on this page, or dial 1-888-700-7505, we have representatives sitting by the phone to walk you through our loan process. You will be asked a few short questions about your vehicle, such as its current condition, the year it was manufactured, and some extra details describing it. Title Daly City is here to meet your needs as our customer. We are one of the fastest lenders available.

With only a couple hours needed from the time you first contact us to the time you receive your loan, you get to spend less time worrying about the car title loan and more time enjoying the Farmers’ market in Angela or the Friday concerts in the park.

Maybe the best part of a car title loan, is that you only need to use your car title to get the money. Your car stays with you so you can drive through down and enjoy those unique traffic lights in the Hacienda Business Park and more.

Daly City residents who need money to cover unexpected expenses can rely on LoanMart for car title loans. LoanMart is California’s largest car title loan provider and has been helping residents of Daly City since 2002.

Our satisfied customers from Daly City all agree that LoanMart’s car title loan process is simple and that it’s easy to apply. They are also pleased with LoanMart’s courteous staff and how quickly they were able to receive their car title loan.

If you reside in or around Daly City and you need financial resources to help cover your responsibilities then apply for a car title loan from LoanMart.

LoanMart Car Title Loan Benefits for Daly City Residents

  • Funding as quick as the next day to qualified applicants
  • Prepayment without penalties
  • If you make your monthly payments on time to complete the car title loan you could improve your credit score
  • Get customized car title loan terms to help you make your payments on time and in full
  • Our rates are competitive industry wide
  • Apply with LoanMart regardless of your credit score for a car title loan

All Daly City Residents Can Apply Regardless of their Credit Standing

A LoanMart car title loan is secured by using the equity in your car as collateral so we don’t have the same strict credit requirements you will find with most traditional bank loans. We only need to check your credit to verify that you are not in active bankruptcy, credit counseling, or are at risk of defaulting.

Each of our car title loans is customized to each of our customers’ unique situation and circumstances. Generally our car title loans have terms of 12 to 36 months and have amortized monthly payments, which are applied to both interest and principal balances.

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