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Cards other than Greeting cards- reason for your smile

Updated on November 17, 2011


Shopping is something that every single human on this earth enjoys a lot. What more interesting then shopping in 'THE' outlets.

But every time one goes for shopping getting good variety of collection, brands, budget and time saving is what one looks for always. The more ease, privileges, benefits, offer and discounts you get the more excited you are to shop.

Keeping the wishes and desires of a costumer in mind different outlets have ushered in some really good offer schemes, which the shoppers will really enjoy and make frequent visits to their outlet. Talking about these offer schemes, there are some shopping outlets like SHOPPERS STOP, LIFESTYLE, INORBIT MALL, PANTALOONS that provide you with such amazing offers in form of different loyalty CARDS.

First Citizen

SHOPPERS STOP has its FIRST CITIZEN card, wherein the shopper can earn reward points per Rs.100 spent at shoppers stop, exclusive offers and discounts at prominent beauty saloons, spas and fitness centers, exclusive Sales preview, special billing counters and free parking at Shoppers Stop stores and much more.

Inner circle

LIFESTYLE has come up with something called THE INNER CIRCLE card, wherein the shopper will earn 2 loyalty points per Rs. 100 spent at Lifestyle and the shopper is benefited for some really good offers within the limits of the loyalty points earned by him/ her.

The Inner Circle - Card


Inorbit Gift Card

INORBIT MALL has just helped the common man with the world’s biggest problem for him that is choosing a gift for some one. It has this INORBIT GIFT CARD, wherein the shopper can gift this card to someone and then that person can use this card for his/ her shopping the goods of his/ her choice and the card can be used by the person himself also who has bought it.

Inorbit Gift Card


Green Card

PANTALOONS one of the outlet among these has GREEN CARD, what a name it gives you a signal to have the best benefits and all ease every time you shop in Pantaloons. With this green card one can avail all offers, happenings, events at the outlet.


So these cards are really great and awesome. I think with such amazing service one will surely want to visit 'THE' outlets again and again. Tell me aren't these cards an additional reason for you to shop and SMILE!!


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