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Carmen Paradis RE/MAX Calgary Realtor

Updated on August 24, 2014

Hi, I'm Carmen Paradis

Your Calgary real estate agent

I have been loving my career as a RE/MAX realtor for the last ten years. Calgary is such an active city where there is so much to do and always something happening. I buy and sell a lot of real estate, so I am always immersed in the local market and aware of all the changes that are happening. When I am taking time off, I like to take my dog for walks in Fish creek park, shopping, taking courses, and if time permits, traveling.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please check out my website at where you will be able to search MLS calgary listings that are updated hourly here. You can check out specific communities with only two clicks of your mouse. If you are not sure which area you would like, you can do a general map search to zero in on the best home for you. I would love to hear from you at 403-703-8516 or you can Email me through my website.

A nice shot of Fish creek park

Information about Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with a population of 1,190,936 according to the latest census. It is in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, but is still considered a prairie city. Because of the city's heavy reliance on the petroleum industry, it has a history of boom and bust cycles, with more years being in the boom category. When oil and gas prices are high, the city's economy fires on all cylinders, but when prices are low, everything slows to a crawl. There are other industries such as tourism, warehousing, construction, and the hospitality industry.

There are a plethora of outdoor sports and activities you can do around Calgary. The mountains are just an hour from the city, where you can hike, fish, camp, and just lounge around at places like the Banff Springs hotel. Then there is Fish creek park, Nose hill park, and Prince's island park that are basically beautiful wooded parks right in the city. The city's extensive bike paths wind their way through most of the city and are considered some of the best in the world. In addition there are many recreation centres, outdoor rinks, and golf courses throughout the city.

There is always something to see or do whether you like the ballet, theatre, sporting events, music festivals, or the biggest event of them all, the Calgary Stampede. While the stampede is only 10 days, it is jam packed with entertainment and partying.

Calgary's weather falls into the category of "if you don't like the weather wait five minutes". Winters are pretty mild with one or two brutal cold snaps that don't last more than a week. Otherwise it is not too bad and you can get some Chinooks that are warm winds that can propel the temperature to + 10 or more in the middle of the winter. Summers are warm with cool nights so you don't really need an air conditioner because you can just open your windows at night and your house will cool down nicely.

I highly recommend living in Calgary because it has everything you could possibly want, short of a tropical climate. It is vibrant and just feels like there are great things happening here. If you decide to look for houses for sale in calgary, you will be impressed with what you find.

So, what will I do for you?

  • I will be there for you when you call, text, or Email
  • You get instant access to the MLS listings which are updated hourly
  • I use Google, Facebook, Bing, and all technology to market your home
  • Great negotiating
  • You will be notified right away when new properties are listed or sold
  • You will get regular updates


I was very impressed with this realtor. Every time I called her, she answered the phone, or got back to me within 5 minutes. I have had some bad luck in the past with agents that I can't get a hold of. Carmen was very knowledgeable and friendly so I would definitely use this realtor again.


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