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Case Studies

Updated on September 7, 2011

Everyone needs a case to study

When your stuff overflows your pockets, you need a case. Study up on the latest in transport technology presented here for your approval. Cases come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Fashion trends are followed, but utilitarian or retro packaging can also be purchased online. Find something that tickles your fancy.

Here are some fantastic examples of case styles that are conveniently available from reputable online dealers. We studied the market: you benefit from our research. Take your time and carefully consider the finest in carrying technology and style. The stuff that you pack your stuff into does indeed say much about you. Have fun shopping for cases!

Slide your kindle into a case
Slide your kindle into a case

Kindle Leather Cover

Carry your kindle in a case. Simply owning a Kindle tells the world you enjoy reading without tedious page-flipping or painful paper cuts. Simply owning a Kindle encased in a case lets the rest of the world know that you have some extra money to spend on cases.

A leather case protects your electronic reader from scratches and latte stains. This case is custom made for the Kindle: many other online cases are also available.

OtterBox products keep your phone cocooned in a bubble of safeness.
OtterBox products keep your phone cocooned in a bubble of safeness.

OtterBox Case

We readily admit that your cell phone is in constant danger. A veritable plethora of electronic components are jammed into a convenient case, but that case needs to be in a case. Study up on state-of-the-art phone encapsulation technology and you will observe that OtterBox represents the pinnacle of protection.

Dropping a cell phone from a height greater than 1/2" usually results in unsightly scratches or a warranty claim. Wrap your phone in an OtterBox. No doubt your personal communication device will rarely be used by real otters (they have no thumbs) but the image conjured up by a phone case that might be otter-proof is impossible to resist.

Store your computer parts in a cool case.
Store your computer parts in a cool case.

Computer Cases

Being productive with your computer is much more convenient when all the parts are interconnected and plugged into an electrical outlet. Achieving this configuration can be easily accomplished through the use of a computer case. Warning: not just any case will get the job done. You need the correct product for your specific requirements.

Old-school cases are boring. A modern desktop computer case looks like it was designed by Hollywood. Extreme swooping surfaces complement fillets, and carbuncles. Exotic 3-dimensional bas-relief laser effects are standard options these days. Processing data was never this much fun!

Secure your pencils as securely as possible.
Secure your pencils as securely as possible.

Vaultz Locking Pencil Box

Without pencils, we'd be writing with ink pens, magic markers, gel pens, fountain pens, or highlighters. It's common knowledge that pencil theft proliferates in schools where students write stuff on paper. You can't send yourself to school without pencils: lock them up in a super-secure pencil case.

The Vaultz Locking Pencil Box comes to your rescue. Your pencils will rest securely and always be ready to begin scribing for you. Vaultz also produces a complete line of locking boxes for office equipment such as index cards and cash boxes.

Cradle your football in this case.
Cradle your football in this case.

Grandstand Football Qube Case

Rather than discarding that old football, ensconce it in a custom case. Designed solely for oblate spheroids, this clear plastic contrivance cradles your precious pigskin. All sides of the ball are visible, except the inside. This acrylic box includes a specially engineered stand that presents your football in all its' glory. A flat black bottom gives the impression of depth and gravitas.

Everyone in your fantasy football league will be insanely jealous: you'd better order several Grandstand Football Qube Cases.

Stow your fishing gear here.
Stow your fishing gear here.

Plano 3650 Size Tackle Box

Fish can see you. Don't think for one minute that trout ignore the gear you're packing. Walleye watch carefully as you set up camp at lakeside. Bluegills believe that high quality rods and reels make better fishermen, and fisherwomen. Electric eels elect to eat bait proffered by expensive equipment.

To this end, overlook not the case in which you transport your fishing tackle. Carefully consider the number of shelves, cubbies, and drawers as you make your purchase. Plano undoubtedly provides industry leading cases. Professional and amateur fisherpeople agree that nothing swallows hooks, bobbers, floats, sinkers, weights, stink bait, poppers, divers, mayflies, and Mercurochrome vials like Plano products.


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    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 6 years ago from Pakistan

      I was allured to your hub because of the title "case studies". I am a teacher and always on the lookout of good stuff to augment knowledge and understanding of my students. But I found that your hub is about 'covers'. However, I was not disappointed since it contained good information on containers, cases, boxes, carton, chest and covers.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      I have a definite weak spot for all of this stuff!