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Cash Back Credit Cards Review

Updated on January 28, 2010

Cash Back Credit Cards Review

Here is my little cash back credit cards review.  You may think that receiving a credit card that has the feature where it gives you cash back is a smart choice.  It sounds nice when you can go out to a shopping mall and make some random purchase with your cash back credit card and instantly get money in your hand.  I would personally love to get money in my hand after I use my credit card.  However, I let reason kick in.   Do you think that there is a catch with cash back credit cards?  You may be on the right track here...

Cash back credit cards review:

There exists these cash back credit cards that claim they can give you money without any problems.  It is amazing, they give you around 1% of money on the total that you accumulate from your purchase.  This is FREE cash in your hands!  There can't be anything wrong with FREE money from a credit card right? Maybe....

If you are a hefty spender--going out to a mall and spending $1000 in one run, there may be an illusion that this type of credit card is a life saver.  You should really take note that there is a small detail left out; you do not always get money back for the money that you spend in a shopping spree (any shopping for that matter).  The company may claim that they have a credit card that will ALWAYS give you money with a purchase.  However, they usually give you a predetermined rate of money in your hand after your purchase.  So don't think if you spend thousands of dollars you will get a large amount of money back.   Make sure you are well informed about the cash back credit card that you have.  Read the contract before you sign it!

Remember the credit card companies are in business.  This "FREE money" is a marketing tactic that lures in people that need money.  Guess what, that is all of us!  So this is the perfect scheme to let people join their bandwagon. Don't forget, before you get approved for the wonderful cash back credit card, you will get probed with a credit check.  How is your credit anyway?

These credit card companies will have to see your credit history.  If you have bad credit, you may be out of luck with receiving this amazing cash back credit card.  Thus, only if you have great credit will you receive this great credit card.

But if you insist on getting a credit card with this feature, make sure you pay your due diligence.  It is possible to find a credit card that fits as snug as your old loafer.  Some companies may give your a cash back offer that has the right rate of return for you. You may find a company that has hardly any limitations.  Once again, they are in business trying to beat their competitors! Research and you will find the right fit!

Have you made a decision on whether or not you want to get a cash back credit card?  If you have nothing to hide, like bad credit, you are in the clear.  Do your research and find out what company will rub you in the right way.  I hope my cash back credit cards review was good for you.  Good luck with trying out cash back credit cards.


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