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Cash Earn Now with Photoshop: How to Earn Money now with Photoshop?

Updated on June 25, 2011

Are you expert or novice in Photoshop? It does not matter. The main thing is that Photoshop  can help you to earn money fast and easily. If I say earn money now or earn money today or earn money quickly, what do you think? You may think I am mad! No, I say the truth. I will tell you how to earn money quickly by using Photoshop without any job. You don't need to find or do work for anyone. You just work for yourself using Photoshop and earn money now or earn money quickly. This page tells you the way to earn money quickly by using Photoshop. So, learn the way and cash earn now!!

Generally, I use at least one picture in every writings. Sometimes I find pictures form free photo web site. But most of the cases I need to edit the image. I use Photoshop to do all types of modification. I also edit most of images with Photoshop. Sometimes, several images are created through Photoshop.

Earn money now using Photoshop with
Earn money now using Photoshop with

You can buy Photoshop and then can do anything to make all kinds of pictures and arts through it. You can get photoshop form Amazon and you have to buy it. I recommended to buy it. You may also use it as a trial users for some days like 30 days. Moreover, there is anothere way to use it without buying it and it's really an illegal way.

I was browsing yesterday. Suddenly, I found a blog and then found a great site Have you head it before? It's a wonderful site to use Photoshop and earn a little bit money. According to Pxleyes,

You do not cost any money to active your account on this site. Cash earn now is easy in Pxleyes. Every week (on Thursday), Pxleyes starts at least 8 different contests. Some of them are theme contests and some of them are contests with a source image. Moreover, they also start big prize contests and custom contests.

You can earn money through Pxleyes easily. In most contests, you can win credits and 100 PXLEyes credits are worth $1 (USD). So, the higher PXLEyes the more your earnings. You can find your payments based on the following two conditions:

  • A balance of $20 or more in your PXLEyes account...
  • A minimum of 3 entries that finished in the top 3 *OR* 3 published tutorials under your name.

When you fulfills the above two conditions, you are ready for your payments.

Moreover, you can earn more money quickly, if your image is selected as the best one among all of them. Pxleyes is a huge community of people. So, you can get huge traffic and point easily.

To sum up, if you are good at Photoshop and if you like making pictures, then you can get challenges and make money easily. I think this is a great site for earn money. There is no limitations to upload images and earn from there. But for each competition, you are only allowed to upload 3 images to every contest. I hope, you like this site and enjoy earn money. Cash earn now!! Wishing your good luck!!

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      prakash 6 years ago

      im doing all kind of photo work, Photo correction's, black & white phooto to colour photo,Digital album working,touch up work, etc. please mail me,, mobile : +91 9972047079

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      Interesting; my brother is into photoshop. Maybe he needs to look into this.

    • profile image

      Jagat 8 years ago


      I am a student of Civil Engineering from Nepal,I just Finished Junior Engineer Course and Now I have to Join Senior Engineering Course,But the further study is Really Hard for me My parents are old and unlitrate.they cannot help me to study.I studied in Governmaental seat yet. There are not More Governmental seats for further that I am searching a Good Online Job or good online income,I need about $100 permonth.I believe In My Lord Jesus,He will Provide me a way to study.If anyone Here to help me please contact me in

    • Koby profile image

      Koby 8 years ago from Ohio

      now you need to write a hub about photoshop software that is complex enough to work for this pxleyes, and free!

      I think Gimp might do it but i'm not sure.

    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 8 years ago

      Thanks Koby for your comment.

    • Koby profile image

      Koby 8 years ago from Ohio

      Great idea, thanks!