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Cash Loans Fast

Updated on February 19, 2010

How it works

Are you behind, need some fast cash, no credit checks irregardless of your credit background. Sounds like a dream come true, too easy, why not read and find out. It's unbelievable. Just a phone call away, and your signature. Call now at_________.

Yes it is unbelievable, your desperate, mortgage payments are due and funds are short. Regular loan sources have turned you down, or you know they will.

No. I am not a loan officer. What you just read at the start and title is a scam going around. It's preying on people who are behind the eight ball, funding is short and they are in a desperate situation.

Under most normal circumstances you wouldn't think of giving the time of day for these people. But it's amazing what happens to a lot of us when under the pressure. If there is any time you should be guarded the most is when you are at your weakest.

Is this your answer to your prayers?

The loan offer could come through an Internet ad, classified ad, TV ad, or flyer. It offers simplicity, no checking, and just your signature. They are called advance fee loans.

Note Advance FEE loans. The scam artist at the other end will ask you for advance monies for various fees concerning the loan. He' ll meet with you at some convenient place. They also may pose as an legit business - copy cat style - similar type names. For instance Lending Tree = Lending Free. A close play on the words, and in a fast play it may go unnoticed.

They'll ask you to wire the money or you'll meet someone at a restaurant (no office = no trace).

Think they are small time operators, think again:Phillip Butler from Frankfurt, Indiana made off with over TWO MILLION Dollars with advance fees for bogus loans that never happened.

Just like the introduction, sounding like a loan. Remember these are scam artists and they can be on a show. They will make it look as legit as possible to get your attention. In 200, 4 1/2 million Americans lost money in advance fee loan schemes (that was what was reported, the unreported isn't in that number = embarrassment)

What to do?

Here are some steps you can do to protect yourself.

1. Guarantee or instant loans avoid. Legitimate lenders don't guarantee your loan before you apply.

2. Never pay fees upfront. For real loans Fees are charged after your approval and not before.

3.Deal Locally. Then you know the place of business and reputation of the lender.

4. Report suspicious activity. Report them to FTC, FBI or your Attorney General's office.

5. Contact your nearest state regulator to check on the Loaner.

What to do if you really need help?

A whole separate article could be done on this alone. As such just some general pointers will be done here.

If you are having financial difficulties contact your local non-profit credit counseling agency for assistance. The National Foundation for Consumer Credit at (800) 388-2227 or or the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies at (703) 934-6118 or

I wish to thank Money Track for a lot of the info presented in this article. Most in the video, but by putting it in print can help us follow up on it.


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    • eaglegordon profile image

      eaglegordon 9 years ago

      It is amazing how many scammers there are out there.

      They should treat white collar crime exactly the same regular crime.

      It doesn't matter if the guy pulls a knife, a gun, a pen, or a keyboard. Give em all the same punishment. Crime is cirme.

    • b opinionated profile image

      b opinionated 9 years ago from California

      It is absolutely horrifying and disgusting how many people are out there to sam youl. Just the other day a friend of mine called me to reccomend a job, she said that all you have to do advertise for them or something and they had already sent her a check for $1000.00. All she had to do was cash it and take out her share. This is another scam people need to be aware of. As soon as I heard this I told her IMMEDIATELY NOT TO CASH IT!! Thankfully she listened!

      This is a great hub. More people need to be informed about all of these scams.