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Cash Mobs

Updated on July 11, 2012

What are Cash Mobs?

Cash Mobs, inspired by Flash Mobs, are a group of people who organize and agree to buy goods from a local business. The general intent of this assembled group is to go into a small business and spend money at a local business with the objective of providing a little stimulus to the establishment. People support the business owner, buy stuff for themselves and then sometimes engage in a social drink afterwards to celebrate the energy. Cash Mobs usually seek prior approval from the store owner before ‘mobbing’ the store and commit to spend a minimum of $20 per individual in a store. Since the popularization of Cash Mobs started appealing to Occupy Wall Street groups, Cash Mobs want to people to know that they were not created as a political group, a social group, a corporation of people, a religion or intended to solve an economic crisis.

The Origin of Cash Mobs

It is believed that the first Cash Mob was first organized by a blogger and engineer from Buffalo, New York. Christopher Smith coordinated a group of more than 100 people to purchase products from a Wine Merchant in August 2011. As quoted by Smith, Cash Mobs are best described as a “reverse Groupon.” Unlike Groupon, Cash Mobs intend to create relationships between local businesses and their customers within the community. Cash Mobs have since gone viral through social media sites such as the Twitterverse and Facebook encouraging people to join forces in the United States, Canada and all over the world. Local radio media stations have also been known to promote mobs locally. The concept of making a positive impact in a community while also being social motivates people to join the masses.

Where to Find A Cash Mob?

The Cash Mob momentum is still on the rise. Anyone can assemble and organize a similar group within their community.

Click on the links below to see if there is a local Mob near you where you can fun and shop locally.


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