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CashGopher Review and Payment Proof

Updated on February 13, 2012

Cash Gopher is an internet business created by the same people that started MyLot, which is an online forum and discussion site that offers revenue sharing to its members for contributing content. Because of Cash Gopher’s affiliation with MyLot, which is a long standing and reputable online company, Cash Gopher is a fairly low risk software to install.

Cash Gopher works by installing a piece of software that runs in the background of your computer, similar to how Gomez Peer works, though instead of receiving work packets, it instead opens up pop up and pop under windows as you browse the internet, and pays you a portion of the advertising revenue that the company receives from showing you these ads. While some people have reported issues with excessive pop ups, slow performance, and other negative effects after installing this software, I have had no issues with Cash Gopher. While the pop ups are annoying at first, you get used to them quite quickly and closing them becomes second nature.

The minimum payout from Cash Gopher is $10.00, and is paid through Paypal. You can earn additional money by referring members to the site, and then earning a portion of their earnings for an entire year. The software can be installed on multiple computers to help you earn even more money, and top users can earn about $100 each month simply by browsing the internet and referring users. See below for proof of payment from Cash Gopher.


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